Cebu City : Queen City of the South

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As a proud Cebuano, I am happy to publish my first featured story, a feature article about my wonderful city and its magic. Explore and discover Cebu City through my article. Leave a comment please :)



 Have you ever been to a place filled with spill bounding beauties, awes and wonders? Welcome to Cebu City! I’m convinced that you’ll agree that our city has outstanding arrays of attraction, shop and entertainment. Our city is named as the Queen City of the South since it has all the characteristics of a royal highness when you look and explore the wonders of the city.

The city of Cebu is known for her unique and beautiful tourist spots and heritage places. When you go to the famous Magellan’s cross, you can still feel the ancient times when the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan placed the cross when he first stepped in the lands of Cebu as a sign of Christianity and acceptance of the religion. Also, she is rich in museums and man-made structures which shows the early living of our native people million of years ago. One can never leave without having a nice compliment to that certain place. You can never regret coming in Cebu for it has all the breath taking scenes that you may never experience for the rest of your life.

Many investors are taking their chance in having their own buildings in our city. But they can never have very perfect structures without the help of our very own Cebuano architectures who are trained in our well-known universities. Thus, Cebu City Is surrounded by wonderfully made buildings such as shops, café, towers and big malls. When you make your way outside the city streets, you can see yourself walking in a very industrialized city. The malls are all complete with the things that you want to buy and also the stuffs that you may want to purchase. Our shops, big or small, are all well-ventilated which prevents someone to criticize the other and are all suitable for business meetings and other important events. The most promising moment if you are deciding to stay outside is during at night when the colorful street lights are like blooming flowers dancing their way to the top. It would be more wonderful if you are to stay in high places and luckily, our city has countless towers and top hills which are available for tourists and visitors to see those wonderful lights.

You may not know so I would like to share that our city is the home of the stars. It is because of the “simple” reason that most of the famous singers and actresses are all coming from Cebu City. This proves that our city is full of talented people. One of the icons in the entertainment and showbiz industry are Kim Chui, Regine Velasquez and Vina Morales. Also, our city as most of the people around the world know has hospitable people which can drive someone to come back to this city more often. Cebuanos are all kind hearted and welcoming to all foreigners and one of the traits that we have that is not usually seen on other nationalities is the fact that we Cebuanos can laugh even in hard times and problems.

So, I have shared the briefest magic of our city. Don’t have doubts to visit so you will never regret in the end. Cebu City, the Queen City of the South here in the Philippines is always welcome to share her magnificence for others to enjoy.


Submitted: July 23, 2011

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It sounds absolutely beautiful!

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 11:55am


really ? thanks ^_^

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 5:16pm

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