Fantasy vs Reality

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For a couple of months, I've been having thoughts on my head that I needed to get out.

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



For some reason, I'm certain that a lot of girls out there dream about the typical changing-the-playboy story, many of those wish it would happen in real life. These types of stories usually involve some innocent 15-through-18 all-American girl (shy, pretty, with an air of uniqueness sprouting from her) who pushes away all thoughts of possibly falling in love with a certain player -a hot player at that- that usually parades around the hallways of her high school with a girl or two by his sides, while millions of others drool over him as he walks by with a smug smile on his lips as he watches all the females falling at his feet. Usually, this guy comes with a big pocket of money and a beautiful mansion with butlers and maids and parents who love him no matter what. Additionally, he usually is the star football of his team -not to mention, captain- and is dating the head cheerleader of the squad. It sure sounds like a teen movie. My point here is, this whole "player-and-nerd" taboo isn't real.

Firstly, it isn't real because we don't exactly live in a world where everything is so black & white; you're either one thing or the other. A nerd or a jock, there's nothing else in between. Another thing, as far as I'm concerned, in all my four years in high school I never experienced a hierarchy system with my classmates. Sure, there were cliques and one was the majority of the class, but there was never any snarky comebacks or bullying within the class. After getting the hierarchy and the classification of kids straight, let's talk about another very important subject.

It's very unlikely for the jock to drop his girlfriend for some girl he barely knows. Take this for example: say a jock has been in a strong relationship with a cheerleader for the past three years and suddenly a girl wearing glasses and an outfit that covers most of her body walks by and they make eye-connection. There isn't exactly a reason why the jock would drop such a hot girlfriend, that he's known for quite some time for someone he rarely knows. It could happen, sure, but it isn't exactly going to happen in present day.

But it's not just the jock stereotype that's unreal, the "player" story is quite unrealistic too.There is no way a boy in his teen years would change so dramatically his lifestyle for the sake of a single girl who he probably doesn't know. Have this example: would you drop a really nice all-you-can-eat buffet at our favorite restaurant for a slice of pizza? And this pizza doesn't necessarily include all your favorite toppings: the crust is a little dry and it's only cheese, so there isn't exactly anything more to it. You probably wouldn't think twice about losing the buffet for just one slice. If you consider it, it's pretty much the same thing with a player's lifestyle. Why would he drop a thousand girls that walk by his side, asking for his attention for at least one moment, for just one girl who probably wouldn't go all the way with him? Not no mention, he'd had to deal with the relationship drama, her days, late-night phone calls, her jealousy, buying things, paying for things. He could change, but it will take a lot more than a simple girl to do so.

Truly, there is nothing I'd like more than to see a reformed guy. And it's pretty sad to know that they're this way because of a pretty sad back story. Look at the example in the Gossip Girl series: Chuck Bass was a player, through and through. He only meant business with women and Bass Industries. And the reason he was that way was because he was trying to deal with several things; the absence of his mother, the denial of his father because he was "a disappointment", never really having a person to love him. He acted out mainly to get someone's attention. And he did get someone's attention. Having Blair be there for him, was, in a way, a salvation. She was the reason why he stopped fooling around with other women and focused on her. She was the reason why he got his head in the game and made his own business, and succeeded despite all the tribulations. I'm sure many girls see their relationship and say, "I want a Chuck Bass" but mainly because he's good looking. In all honesty, I don't really want a Chuck Bass because of that, if I got a chance to meet someone like that I want to be his Blair; the person who'll fix whatever's broken and help him through the storm. Even if that meant dealing with a dark back story. It wouldn't matter, because if he can put up with my antics and mood swings, then I can put up with his troublesome past and help him reach a prosper future.

But how do you bring something from the screen to real life? You can't control other people's feelings, and much less control their actions. I, frankly, was expecting to get some kind of light into my clouded mind, but I got nothing. The reason I'm confused, is because I'm troubled by thinking about someone who might never even feel the same about me. It's the stereotypical loser-likes-popular kid, and I hate feeling that way because I feel as if I'm trying to make my life feel like a teen movie and it no longer is surrounded by teens. This is college now, high school was over one year ago. I want nothing more than to go back to that one day that I had an idea that would change me up to this day. This one day, I was wondering around and thinking about ways to write this new story I was working on. And I came upon an idea to write about a "reformed-player" and at the time it felt like such a great idea, however, deep in my mind a voice told me, "be careful, you know you'll feel something for him later on" and I didn't pay much attention to that, and now I absolutely regret it. And all because I wanted nothing more than to find my Chuck Bass, and at the time, I could've sworn I did. And all this idea came from a supposed "truth" I learned from an old friend who told me a little about his back story and I felt sympathetic about it. I felt like I knew why he was this way and why he did that thing, but truth is I knew nothing, and I still don't know nothing. I'm a stranger, and he's as well to me. There shouldn't be a reason as to why I see him as a hero. After all, this is reality and not a fantasy.

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