Night Dangers

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A young girl spends the night at a friend's house, only to be raped by an anonymous person.

Submitted: December 04, 2007

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Submitted: December 04, 2007



Her breathing is rhythmed--in a steady motion--showing that she is fast asleep.  She spent the night at a friend's house, and as usual, slept on the couch, seeing as how her friend was a guy.  She couldn't very well sleep in the same room with him, now could she.  That would be awkward, considering the two were like brother and sister.

They had been up half the night watching movies and playing video games, along with ten other guys, all friends of his.  She only knew one of them, but they all seemed so nice--she quickly made friends with all of them.

Down the hall, a light cracks through a door.  The shadow of a man erupts through the light.  His shadow is so defined, as if the light scattered from him in fright.  He tilts his head, listening for movements or anything else that could throw off his plans.  When he hears nothing, he slowly walks towards the living room, where she rests gracefully.  The floor doesn't creak, the windows don't shudder, and the pipes don't moan.  No warning is given off to protect her.

The shadowed figure kneels down, looking longingly at her as she lies asleep on the couch.  He calls her name, seeing as to how deep she slept.  When she made no movements, he felt satisfied. 

He touched her face, like it were angelic.  Her hair covered her mouth, and flipped around as the breath from her mouth blew out and in.  She looked so peaceful...but he was so longing...  She looked gorgeous!  Her button-up shirt was bundled up passed her belly button from her twists and turns, showing off her toned, yet pale stomach.

He kissed her forhead, not waking her in the slightest.  Then on her nose--if only she was awake, she'd think this was so cute--he thought to himself.  Slowly and gently he rubs her arm, feeling every hair, how soft it was to his touch...

He raises his arm and rubs her exposed stomach, with ever such care.  She doesnt move at all.

Unable to help himself, his hand slowly slides up her stomach, to the edge of her shirt.  He hesitates, but in the end, he does what he wants.  He lifts up her shirt and lets his hand roam around until he feels the hardness of the underwire bra she wears.  His heart beats fast, causing him to wonder if she'll wake because it's so loud...

His hand tickles her, moving the blonde hairs on her stomach ever so slightly.  She awakens slowly, sensitive to the touch.  She wonders why she awoke.  As she opens her eyes more, she sees the shadow sitting next to the couch.  It was too dark to see their face, but she knew at once this wasnt good.

The hand began to pull at the bra, which clasped in the front.  Her heart dropped as she realized what this person was trying to do.  She couldnt breath, and her body felt as if ice had replaced her blood.  She laid rigid, not moving.

The clasped came undone, giving the him a sigh of relief.  He had just about given up...

The hand moved even slower now, tenderly.  His fingers gently knocked against her breast--her heart stopped.  He rubbed it, ever so gently, in complete awe of how it felt.  He moved his fingers up slowly to her nipple, playing with it carelessly.

Tears flooded her eyes in the dark as she tried to imagine being somewhere else.  But nothing she thought of could transport her out of this moment.

He wasnt content with just feeling it had to see them...

His hands slowly unbuttened her shirt.  He moved the separated peices of cloth away from her chest, exposing her breasts to the frigid night air.  She felt humiliated, yet unable to move her body at her own will.

He stared at them in the dark, barely making out the two brown dots.  He cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them, squeezing all the pleasure out of them.

She got up the courage and pretended to yawn sleepily, in hopes to scare him off--but he didnt budge.  Instead, one of his hands reached down slowly to her jeans and began to unzip them--then unbutton.  She felt as if she could die right then and there.

His fingers slid underneath her underwear, until he was touching her vagina.  She felt ashamed, b/c at the same time she felt aroused.  His fingers touched her clit, shooting sensations up her body.  He rubbed the area--she began to shudder.

He could tell it was working...her whole body had tensed up.  Finally, she came to her senses.

"What are you doing to me?" she pleaded.  He turned his head, startled only slightly, but nevertheless on a mission.  He rubbed it harder and faster as she began to breath harder and twitch slightly.  He stopped suddenly and stuck his two middle fingers inside of her, causing her to gasp loudly.  Her head turned away, burried into her hair in shame.  He smiled, not caring anymore if she was awake or asleep, liked it or didnt, he was going to have his fun.

He pulled her jeans off and then her underwear, despite her pleas and struggles.  His own body was already naked, as he had planned the whole time to do this.  She silently cried, doing her best not to give in.  He squated onto the couch and grabbed both her legs, pulling them apart.  She wanted to scream, but for someone to find her like this would be embarassing...

He smiled secretly at her...she knew what was coming.  His whole body fell forward, thrusting his penis into her.  She yelped in pain, which subsided a moment later.  She began to cry harder.  And the harder she cried, the harder he came on.  He thrusted himself so hard every time that her breats bopped up and down, slapping her in the face.  the whole couch shook and he raped her.

Once he cummed and knew that she had had an orgasm, he stopped and lied on top of her, sucking on her breast, squeezing the other.  She sobbed, wishing more than anything she had never come over tonight.  He breath strayed across her nipple, as his hands slid all over her body.  she shut her eyes tight.

"Next time, I'll be better" he whispered.  He stood up and walked out of the room, leaving her to cry silently on the couch, naked and bleeding.  she felt so dirty.  How was she ever going to be able to live again...

the door shut quietly, taking the light with it.  she cowered, left alone in the darkness...

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Night Dangers

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