Sly personality with devious feelings that another most over come and move on

Bleeding out strongly, am numb That empty feeling in my chest, Conquering loneliness in mind Unable to bare the pain of being hurt, all that it was maybe gone, I began to wonder off my past The shock of reality, vanity of insanity. I cant believe the feeling!! How much I hate it, well very Can't even stomack this poser Faking deep feelings, thoughts so un pure Liar liar let me put your skinnies on fire Time's quick and shine, yet dark its true Eroded my life, I'll never be the same its what you do to me, my mind is panicking Letting my heart sink like titanic Along the way i may have lost my soul I stay still and gaze at the betrayal Shunned me, left me colder then Antarctica Abjured my everything, like unwanted dilemma I anticipated rain, even pore metaphorically Never thought of a crash literally So subtle of you, and I was blind I should be crying but my words swell No hangovers, I look forward to a future, no dwell

Submitted: April 24, 2011

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