My First Date - By Akshay Gulati

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Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




Like most of the youngsters of my generation, I too am obsessed with Facebook. Also being an IITian has multiplied my likeliness for this social media many-fold. Not only because it grabs IIT students at a price tag which other students can only dream of, but also due to another reason. Facebook is perhaps the only gateway for IIT boys to chat or flirt with “quality” girls (no offence to my female classmates….lol..). It is therefore reasonable to expect that “My First Date” may have been a result of a series of chit-chats at the Facebook. My heartiest greetings to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his team. So let us start with what u really want to read……



Traveling back in time when I was in my 11th grade. Unlike the majority who went for a drilling in the Kota Factory, I had decided to take my JEE coaching in my hometown Amritsar. I was really happy and satisfied with my decision, as I was constant among the top rankers of my coaching despite of not putting in the efforts that I was expected to. But even toppers have hearts (along with their brilliant minds….hehe..). It was September I suppose (honestly ,I hardly remember), that I lost my heart to an angel named Riya (name changed…..but the best of my friends can easily guess the real one). You can’t even imagine what her magical eyes did to me the first time I looked at them. The first time she smiled at me she left me out of my breath. Our eyes matched, and I was maddd…really. I avoided staring at her for too long so as to maintain an impression. But life has hurdles. In our coaching, students were divided into different batches according to their performances in the tests (I personally hated this division). So as u would have guessed, I was in the first batch and Riya in the second. That means the only chance to see her was the break between the classes or to peep through the door hoping to get a sight of her. Days passed and before I could gather enough guts to talk to her, the news of me liking her was publicly out….it went through my friends… the whole batch…and then to other batches. And even before I could talk to her, my first crush already knew about me and my feelings towards her. Being popular sometimes sucks. (Yes, I was damn popular and though I might seem desperate for a girl in my own story the truth is most of the girls liked me in those days and if I count I have had proposals from three different girls in that period….don’t ask me the names I will really be ashamed…hehe) .Riya always used to stay in groups of girls or even some guys(which by my standards were cooler and funkier than me). But whenever I got a chance to creep though that group my friends had some other plans. My personal experience says that a boy can’t manage friends and a girlfriend simultaneously. The following reasons will elaborate:

  • They are always looking for their own chance with that girl.(Trust me all boys are same)
  • They will never leave a chance to tease you about your girlfriend.
  • They will never let u talk to other girls.
  • They will publicly irritate you by shouting “oye hoye”, “Riya bhabhi aa gayi” etc.

So that’s where our story paused, at some distant “hi’s” and “hello’s” and a vague way of passing smiles. Increasing pressure and loads of assignments/periodic tests helped me took my mind off her. But honestly saying I always skipped a heartbeat whenever I saw that beautiful face and her mystical brown eyes. Anyways the story didn’t went the way I wished and I continued to treat JEE books as my only girlfriend until………………….



Life @ college do give you that extra confident to flirt with girls. Even IIT boys, who had all their lives romanced just with books, behave as Casanovas while talking to girls. Facebook provides them the chance. (Me and my room neighbor Gaurav had been experts in getting a stranger girl’s phone number in just 30 minutes of chat at FB). Besides this I was not in a serious relationship with any girl until that February night when I was logged on to FB……


Riya: Hi, Mr.IIT


(I was ecstatic like anything…a little corner of my heart was shouting “yippee”..”Hurray”, I controlled my emotions..)


Me: heya, how’ve u been?? Long tym…..

Riya: m gud! How’s u?? ya long tym…..

U never left a message….


(What did that mean?? Was she waiting for a message from me?? I was puzzled..)


Me: I thought u were busy in ur lyf??

Riya: naaaa not as such, students here r hardly busy……


(did she meant that the course in their college was light or was she free for me??....puzzled I heard another message alert in my headphone… God I used to hate that tone but that day it was pleasure to my ears.)


Riya: U must be busy there at IIT….


(damn…that’s not a valid question to ask….)


Me: no, not at all!! We do get a lot of free tym to hang around with friends….

Riya: sounds like fun….what else u do at IIT…

(wtf…. For a moment I thought about mailing a PDF copy of IITG annual newsletter to her so that she stops enquiring about my over-hyped college any more)


Me: Nothing special yaar…its just another college like urs….we have a lot of fun.  and we do study a little bit….


(I personally don’t like boasting of my college in front of girls)


Me: wat sought of things u do for fun over there??

Riya: Fun?? Naaaa… is nyc….but no fun!!

Me: why so?? U do have a boyfriend?? Don’t u???


(my heartbeat stopped for a period……..fingers crossed)


Riya: boyfriend……….abhi tak koi dhang ka ladkaa nahi mila….


(I felt relief……but I knew the statement was only partially true…..

haven’t she found a perfect match until now?? Then who was that

funky boy who kept roaming around her in the coaching class??

The whole batch knew that he was her boyfriend!!

Was she saying this to impress me?? Did she meant that I was a perfect match for her?? A train of thoughts passed through my mind…..unaware about the string of question marks that were flowing in my inbox)


Riya: dere????



Me: yaa…. I am sure a girl like u deserves a special mate…. J

Riya: acha ji… why?? What’s so special in me??


(Girls like to hear their own praises even if they are false)


Me: so u want me to praise u??

Riya: no .. i was just….

Me: OK…u r pretty, cute, attractive and I think u have a nice heart too..


(I was about to write “sexy” in there but I controlled)


Riya: that’ such a sweet compliment…. Thank u J

Me: and that’s why you were very popular among the boys of the coaching….

Riya: hey! U were also liked by many girls in the coaching!! Weren’t u??

Me: I don’t know!! Tell me abt it!!

(I tried to be innocent.. K)

Riya: most of the girls liked u….they found u smart, handsome, intelligent and mostly ur positive attitude towards everything was the highlight for them…..

Me: haven’t heard such praises for a long tym….hehehe…lol…


Anyways wat abt u?? did u also liked me??


(I realized that it was weird question considering it was our first conversation…..but facebook doesn’t have an option to take ur words back….I waited for almost 5 minutes for a reply)


Riya: I gonna go yaar…its quite late….byeee


(I saw the time, it was 1:45 a.m. The thought of the haunting math quiz which was only 2 days later came in my mind. But damn that math quiz…. I was chatting with my first crush…)


Me: okkkk… It was really nyc talking to u…hope dat we get in touch soon….




Riya: nyc talking to u too…….tc…..byeee.


That little convo was the first in a series which is continuing till date. We chatted almost every night, sometimes for 15 minutes and sometimes for as long as 2-3 hours. Riya and I became quite comfortable with each other and I think she also developed a feeling for me. Most of the times we had fun chats in which I made her laugh by making silly jokes and she just acted as a cutie pie.

I was eagerly waiting for these summer vacations so that I could ask her out for a date. That did happen in the last convo we had, but her answer was:


Riya: m going to Nainital wid my family for 4-5 days…may be we can make it next Sunday….


Next Sunday will be the second most important Sunday of my life.(considering that the JEE was also on a Sunday). I haven’t had much experience of dating neither I have talked much with real girls (except while solving physics problem).

But I am sure that all will go well as it has until now….

Wish me luck for “My First Date”.

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