"Cancer Stick"

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She continues to waste away while I watch. I have no opinion. I have no say. She will suck until she waste away. It's no a habit or a stress reliever like she says, but an addiction causing friction between her and I. I watch as she waste away, but just the same old thing. Suck in breath out.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




Suck in.... breath out

That's when I see the swirling white cloud

It fills my nose

it fills my mouth

But yet the same pattern

Suck in... breath out

That's all she cares about

She pays the man 50 cents for her nasty smelling cancer stick

I watch as her life slips away but yet it's still the same

Suck in... breath out

That's what her life's about

She'll do it till' she waste away

But then it was to late


Suck in... breath out

That's what she cares about

I guess my mother didn't learn her lesson

Though it stills a blessing ... she still has some years before she reaches Heaven

When the noise no longer fills my ears

 Suck in...breath out

This time the smoke reaches my mouth

I see why she was so addicted

I just get this sothing feeling

I blow the white smoke out my mouth

I put it out and walk in the house

only to see my mother laying on the sofa

her death bed

"Hey honey."

Suck in... breath out


Two Years later

She's dead

Oh well

I still have a few years until I reach my death bed

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