"Release me"

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Sometimes you have to let the ones you love go

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




I don't want to die

yet I don't want to live

Oh try not to cry

Try to shed no tears

I want to feel the sky, raging through my ears

I lived out my life

Oh,I've lived out those years

Please don't hold me back, please hold me back

Left me take the leap

Let let me face my fears

Let me have the realese

I promise this ain't dyin'

I promise you'll be safe

in a safe place

Maybe a place with no more cryin' and no more tears


Oh, bright light take me away

take all my fear

I took the leap of faith

This is my last year

take me to the place where the light shine

Let me hear the bells and let me hear the chimes


I told them no cryin

I told them no tears

This was just a realese

from those woren out years...

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