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In 2006 whilst leading a fine group of Soldiers I was subjected to the effects of an IED and then in 2012 I lost a very good friend.

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Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Submitted: August 14, 2014



Peacefully you lay there, out of sight to thee,

Waiting for your chance to harm my colleagues and me.

Hidden so well, deceiving the eye,

Hoping that when you choice, someone will die.


It is time now to act in your cowardly way,

This is your opportunity to be famous on this very day.

Here they come, those men in green,

You remain silent and hidden, so not to be seen.


Closer and closer they do walk,

It is your time to show them how loud you can talk.

Noise and cloud erupts, you have answered your call,

Were you to early, to late, have you injured them all?


Many are so lucky, where others are not,

Unlike you, they will never be forgot.

Peacefully you lay there expended, out of sight to thee,

Now a haunting memory to remain with my friends and me.

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