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Whilst serving with the British Army I travelled in 1995 as a peace enforcer to Bosnia, the poem is a reminder of that 6 months

Submitted: January 12, 2014

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Submitted: January 12, 2014



Why so worried, I recall, I'd seen death before, upon the fields of the Middle East,
 Maybe the unknowing, what was this new disease, this evil, ethnic beast.
 We loaded our armour and men upon the ship, lifting the anchor, we sailed away,
 Heading East to this all new venture, apparently a country at war, its leadership in disarray.

 I watched the harsh events unfold on the screen, each and everyday,
 Stunned by the pictures being shown, why was any country at war in this awful way.
 Arriving in this once picturesque, peaceful and wonderful place,
 I had to ask, how so much pain and misery had been bestowed upon the human race.

 What was this new but awful smell, was it the burning houses or abundance of rotting flesh,
 The realities of religious hatred being played out in plain view, the memories and pictures remain still, so very fresh.
 I witness the pain, the anguish in the faces of the old and frail as well,
 They spare no time to look our way, smile, hurrying by, no time to tell.

 I look into the faces of the young, returned only by a scared and vacant glare,
 Where is my mum, my dad, my house, Mr Soldier man, please take me back, to when it was fair.
 A tear roles down both our faces, both realising, life here will never again, be the same,
 They turn away, head down, looking to the day, to the end of their emotional pain.

 A winter and Summer spent away, enforcing the peace, keeping the differing factions from fighting,
 Stopping the bloodshed, the crying, the upset, no more hatred and needless frightening.
 I bid farewell to those horrors of such cleansing, the killing of the fragile and the weak,
 On the plane, I pause, look out, raise a weak smile, just maybe the future for Bosnia, is no longer, so Bleak.

 (A reflection of thoughts via my tour 95/96)

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