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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a bleak and dreary world, a girl finds a mirror... And a whole new life.

Table of Contents


In a bleak and dreary world, a girl finds a mirror... And a whole new life. Read Chapter

Curiosity won me over. I returned to the mirror. Once again, I reached out to touch the glass, but my hand met the warmth of another.... Read Chapter

I really couldn't help it. Really. I think… I'm in love with my own reflection. Oh, darn. I sound like a stuck up prince. Being... Read Chapter

The voice came from the shadows, bright eyes yet made of darkness peering from the dark corner. The figure stepped out of the shady spot,... Read Chapter

PV: Dusk

When she came to, the sky outside was streaked with reds and oranges. \"Hn... Where am I? ... AH!\" She let out a small yelp when... Read Chapter

POV: Dusk

\"Then what did you go by?\" I asked the sullen girl. \"DW9. We were all given codes.\" She answered, swallowing the mouthfull of foo... Read Chapter

POV: Dusk

\"Augh!\" I awoke to a scream heard from the room next to mine. Thunder roared outside, and lightning lit up the sky. With every clap of ... Read Chapter

\"Hey, Dusk! Wake up!\" I awoke early a morning about a week after, my shoulder being shaken repeatedly and happy squeals drifting into m... Read Chapter

POV: Dawn

I sighed and stuck my head back into the car after peeling three insects off of my face. Next to me, Dusk chuckled slightly, hiding his s... Read Chapter

POV: Dusk

After purchasing new clothing, Dawn and I (and Marcello, disappointingly enough) walked through the small shopping complex. Dawn giggled ... Read Chapter