I Loathe You Episode 1...A Lolena Series

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Selena Gomez Meets Her New Soon To Be Husband, But She Hates Him, Really...

Submitted: November 02, 2010

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~Selena Gomez

~Logan Lerman

~Demi Lovato

~Miley Cyrus

~Robert Downey Jr.

~Ralph Fiennes

& More (Will Appeared On Other Episodes)


Episode 1: A Stranger From Beverly Hills

Logan Lerman walked a few steps back from his father. He hold on tight to his sports bag as he walked with a serious mad face. His father, Robert, had a camping backpack with him. They walked on a street of beautiful Newport, New Jersey. Logan had no idea where he was, he knew it was New Jersey but he had never been there. His father obviously knew where he was and where he was going, his confidence of walking said it all. Logan was not happy at all, and he finally had enough.

Logan: i never asked for this

He said to Robert. Rob pretended he didn't heard nothing. This made Logan even more madder and frustrated.

Logan: i said i never asked for this!!

He stopped and let the sports bag slip off his shoulder and drop into the pavement. Robert stopped and turned to his son. He took a deep breath and walked towards him.

Robert: we have talked about it Logan, i am not going to argue with you

Robert turned back and continue walking to his destination. Logan had no choice but no follow his father. He grabed his bag and continue walking.

Logan: who do you think you are to choose a fiancee for me? that is not fair, and you didn't even asked me!

It seemed as if Logan was talking to himself. Robert just kept ingnoring him. Logan hated when people ignored him. He decided to look around at the neighborhood he was in. It was a pretty nice looking one. With big nice houses. He wouldn't mind to live in one of those houses.

Logan came all the way from Beverly Hills with his father. Well, Robert brought Logan by force. They were now going to live there. A fiancee had been chosen for Logan by his father. Robert and a long time good friend Ralph made a promise when they were just teenagers. They promised that their kids would get marry one day so they'll carry on with the familie's martial arts tradition, and their friendship. Logan thought it was a joke when his father told him this, but it's not.

At the Gomez House

Ralph Gomez was looking out the window of his house's living room. Music was blasting from upstairs. He tried to concentrate as he thought about something.

Ralph: Demi!

Ralph called his oldest daugther Demi over the music. She was at the kitchen cooking something.

Demi: i am going dad!

Ralph: Miley!

He called his middle daugther Miley. She was at her room reading TeenVogue Magazine.

Miley: i am going!

Ralph: Selena!

Ralph called his youngest daugther Selena. She was at her room, she was the one listening to the loud music. Of course she didn't heard her dad calling her. She continue practicing some martial arts infront of the mirror.

Demi and Miley entered the living room to see what their father wanted.

Ralph: Miley, go get Selena

Miley ran upstairs to go get her sister. She entered Sel's room, turned the stereo off.

Selena: hey!

Miley: can't you hear dad is calling you?!

Selena: obviously not! can't you see i am busy

Miley: if you keep being so not femminime, not one boy is going to like you

Selena: i don't care, and FYI not all girls only care about guys like you! leave me alone!

Miley: whatever, dad still wants to talk to us

Miley went back into the living room. Selena rolled her eyes and went after her. Demi and Ralph sat on one of the couches. Miley and Selena sat on another.

Ralph: Girls, you know my good friend Robert and his son Logan are coming today

Selena: so you're being serious?!

Ralph: yes, you think i would joke about something so serious

Selena: but dad you can't do that, you can't make us marry whoever you want us to

Ralph: Sel, we have talked about it sweetie, i don't want to argue about it again

Selenna: whatever and just to let you know, i am not interested in getting marry at sixteen

Miley: gosh Selena, at least wait to see if the guy is hot

Selena rolled her eyes and sat back.

Miley: so dad, how is this Logan guy

Demi: how old is he?

Miley: is he cute?

Demi: hopefully he is older than me

Ralph started laughing. Demi and Miley looked at each other.

Demi: what's so funny

Ralph: girls i can't answer those questions

Miley: how come??

Ralph: because i have not met or seen Logan

Demi and Miley looked at their father with a "areyoufreakenserious?!" face.

Selena: [on her mind] This is a disaster

Miley: you have to be kidding me

Ralph: sorry but i am not

Demi: if you don't even know the boy, how do you want one of us to marry him??
Ralph smiled faded away to a serious face.

Ralph: my good friend Robert is a great man, i am sure Logan is just as him. and you know, your mother liked him too, Robert and your mother were like brother and sister. They promised this marriage before she passed away and i promised to help him. Robert really wants to make the promise a reality, in memory of your mother.

Selena: that is really nice of him but what if this Logan guy is a total opposite of your friend?

Ralph: i am sure he is not

The door bell rang. Miley and Demi looked at each other and they rushed to the door. Ralph followed. Selena stayed at the couch sitting down. She really didn't care.

Miley opened the door and there was Logan and Robert.

Ralph: my friend Robert

Miley and Demi looked at Logan, he looked at them and smiled.

Miley: gosh he is cute

Miley and Demi went back to the living room.

Robert: how are you Ralph, it's been sixteen years

Ralph: yes, sixteen long years

They shooked hands and hugged.

Ralph: and you're obviously Logan

Ralph shooked Logan's hand.

Logan: nice to meet you Mr. Gomez

Ralph: i say the same future son-in-law

Logan forced a smile.

Ralph: come in come in you're in your house

Logan and Robert followed Ralph into the living room. As soon as Logan entered the living room his eyes met with Selena's. They looked at each other for a moment, Selena never thought Logan would look like this. The first thought that came to Logan's mind was that Selena was the prettiest out of the three sisters. Selena looked away, so did Logan.

Ralph: sit down

Logan and Robert sat down at a couch.

Ralph: i am really glad you guys are here

Robert: it was a long way from California

Ralph: i am sure it was

Demi: it's nice to meet you Mr. Lerman, i am Demi, and it's nice to meet you Logan

Demi shooked hands with Robert then Logan.

Miley: it's a pleasure meeting you two, i am Miley

She shooked hands with Robert then Logan.

Robert: it's really nice to meet you girls, i remember you Demi, last time i saw you you were only two years old

Ralph: she is a grown woman now, just like her mother

Demi: well i am going back to cooking

Miley: i'll help you

Miley and Demi left to the kitchen. As Robert and Ralph talked, Logan and Selena took quick looks of each other. Robert: you have three beautiful daugthers Ralph, Logan, you're a lucky boy

Selena stood up and left. She went upstairs to her room.

Ralph: sorry about that, Selena is having a bit of a hard time understanding this whole thing

Robert: oh, well let's give her some time

Ralph: she'll have to understand, she will

Selena entered her room, she grabed her ipod, played her favorite song on full volume, layed on her bed and looked at the ceiling.

Demi and Miley were at the kitchen.

Miley: he turned out to be a hottie

Demi: yea, but he is obviously younger than me

Miley: too bad i am with Liam

Demi looked at Miley.

Miley: if i wasn't with Liam, i would totally marry Logan

She smiled.

Miley: i am just kidding ok

Demi smiled to her sister.

Robert and Ralph talked. Logan seemed bored and uncomfortable. He stood up and walked around looking at the pictures at the living room. All the pictures were of Selena, Demi, and Miley. From when they were little babies until current time. Logan was more interested in the pictures of Selena doing martial arts. There were a lot of pictures of her winning trophies and medals. A smile came to Logan's face. He was a martial arts champion too, of course back in Beverly Hills. Selena came from upstairs, she was wearing a martial arts uniform. Logan looked at her.

Ralph stood up.

Ralph: selena

Selena looked at he father.

Selena: what

Ralph: are you going to practice?

Selena: yea

Ralph: great, you can take Logan with you

Robert: yea, Logan is a great martial arts fighter

Selena: but-

Ralph: take Logan with you Selena, i mean it

Selena looked at Logan, as if she was mad at him.

Logan: oh if-

Robert: go with Selena Logan

Selena walked towards the back door. Logan followed her. She entered a garage at the back yard. The garage was a place to practice martial arts. Logan was impressed, he would love to have one like this of his own. Selena didn't said a word to him, she started practicing. Logan looked a her a little impressed. He frowned when Selena did a move.

Logan: that's not how you do it

Selena turned to look at Logan, a little embarass and mad at the same time.

Selena: how the hell do you do it then?

Logan took his shoes off, he did the move, better than Selena. Selena was impressed, but she didn't showed it.

Logan: that's how you do it

Selena: well your dad was obviously lying when he said you're a great martial arts fighter, because you suck

Logan: and the people you gave you those throphies and medals were wrong on choosing you, you need more practice

Now that one got to Selena. She threw a kick at Logan, he blocked it. They started fighting. Selena did all she could to hit him but she didn't. Logan is a very good blocker. He wasn't doing anything, he was just blocking. This pissed Selena off.

Selena: come on do something! fight back!!

Logan: i don't want to hurt you!

Selena: don't be such a girl and fight back!!

Selena went back to fighting, Logan started fighting too. He knocked out Selena by a kick. She dropped to the floor.

Logan: shit, i am sorry

He tried to help her get up.

Selena: get away from me!

She stood up and went back into the house. Logan stood there feeling a little guilty, he didn't wanted to hurt her, but she insisted.

Selena went to her room.

Selena: [on her mind] i hate loosing against guys, i hate it!

Logan entered the living room. Robert and Ralph were playing chest.

Logan: Mr. Gomez, where's your bathroom

Ralph: upstairs

Logan went upstairs, he had no idea which door was the bathroom. Selena took off her Martial arts uniform, she was in underwear looking for other clothes. Logan randomly picked one of the doors, he opened it and saw Selena on her underwear. Selena saw him and immediately covered herself. Logan immediately closed the door and went back downstairs. Inside, Selena's jaw was dropped, she was extremely embarass. She changed into something and went downstairs.

Selena: you pervert! i am gonna kill you!!

She ran to Selena and knocked him out, she got on top of him and started hitting him. Ralph and Robert immediately went to get Selena off Logan. Miley and Demi rushed into the living room to see what was going on. Their eyes opened widely when they saw their sister hitting Logan. Logan covered his face to block the punches, they didn't hurt him that much but just in case. Ralph finally got Selena off of him. Logan stood up and looked at Selena with a pissed face.

Logan: what the heck is wrong with you?!

Selena: you are a pervert!!

Logan: it was an accident! i was looking for the bathroom!

Selena: yea right!!

Ralph: Selena come down

Selena: he is a jerk!

Logan: you're a stupid girl, it wasn't on purpose!

Robert: Logan! don't disrispect her like that

Ralph: Selena go to your room

Selena left to her room but before, she gave Logan a hate look, he gave it back. Demi and Miley were speechless.

Ralph: it was all just an accident, right Logan

Logan: yes, i was looking for the bathroom, i had no idea that was her room

Ralph: ok son, i understand

Robert: Logan you can't talk to women like that

Ralph: it's ok Rob

Miley and Demi rushed to Selena's room.

Miley: what the hell happened Sel?

Demi: why were you hitting Logan

Selena: because he is a perv

Demi: what do you mean??

Selena: he saw me in my underwear right now

Miley: but it was an accident

Selena: that's what he is saying

Miley: so i guess he likes you

Selena: shut up

Miley: just saying

It was night by now

Everybody sat at the living room. Logan tried not to look at Selena, she had a really hatefull look, specially to him.

Ralph: ok, now let's do this. Logan, my oldest daugther Demi is eighteen years old, Miley is seventeen and Selena is sixteen, choose the one you want to marry

Miley: Selena is the one

Selena: what?!!

Demi: yea Sel, you both obviously like martial arts and getting into fights

Miley: you're perfect for each other

Selena: no no no no no no no no no no NO i don't want to marry this pervert and jerk!

Logan: and i don't want to marry an agressive uncute girl like you!

Selena stood up and went up to Logan, he stoood up and faced her.

Selena: you ugly idiot

Logan: tomboy

Selena: jerk

Logan: you hit like a girl

Ralph: well Robert, they get along pretty well

Ralph joked to Robert. They laughed.

Selena: why are you laughing?! this is not funny!

Logan: oh and i forgot to tell you this, you flat chested curveless women body of a tomboy

Selena's jaw dropped with that one, she got pissed. She threw a knock out punch to Logan, he fell to the floor.

Logan woke up laying on a bed at a room. His father Robert layed on another bed in the same room.

Logan: that girl is the most agressive women i have met

Robert: she knocked you out, and she hits like a girl

Logan looked at Robert, Robert couldn't help to laugh. Logan sarcastelly faked laughed.

Robert: but overall, you're a very lucky boy Logan, Selena is a beautiful girl

Logan: no she's not











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