The Dolls In The Cell. Part: #1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story of two siblings who have gotten more than they've bargained for when they attempt to work two humanized dolls into their family. The dolls were kept a secret by their father, but for reasons of pure fear of religion. This dark tale is filled with relations to our worlds history and will entertain reader of the paranormal and watchers of Tim Burton.




Chapter 1.

The Shed.

It was morning, Joey walked through his backyard. The leaves had piled up on his lawn to a point where it appeared to be a small pond of red, orange and yellow. The reason for his being in the backyard was not to rake. It was to finally find out what was in that old shed. His Father told him and his sister Crystal to never go in it unless he was around. Even if Crystal wasn’t at school, she still wouldn’t object to this. Since no one was around, and Joey had today off, he kicked open the old wooden door.


He spent at least an hour checking the entire shed. The only thing that appeared to be inside it, was an old rusty lawn mower.

“WHAT THE IS HELL BIG DEAL?” Joey yelled aloud.

He knew that his Father would somehow find out that he was in the shed, so to kiss up a little bit; he thought that he should try and fix the old lawnmower. As soon as he pushed it off of the shed’s splintered floor, he heard a ‘click’. Suspicion rose once more. He stomped on the floor where the mower once rested. It sounded hollow underneath. As fast as he could, Joey got down on his hands and knees. He began to try and pull out the rusty old nails from the floor.

(Bring Ring!) Joey’s text tone sounded.

From: Crystal

U comin’? U said u’d give me a ride home from school. :}

In his rage, he’d forgotten that he needed to pick Crystal up from St.Anneth’s Private- School. Joey ran to his car, the Grand Torino. It was a piece of junk, but he loved it. He slammed the keys into the old thing and waited for it to start. It came to life with a puff of bluish gray smoke from the hood. He sped away. As he checked his texts, he swerved down the road. It didn’t matter though; most Mondays in their town were actually quiet. That’s what they get for living in the possibly most small, secluded town in all of history. Joey pulled up to St. Anneth’s. Crystal walked down the cement steps and tucked her phone back into her school uniform. Seconds later, Joey’s phone rang.

(Bling Ring!)

From: Crystal

Took u long enough!!

As Crystal got into the car she slit her hand on an upraised spring from the seat.

“When are you getting rid of this piece of crap!” She yelled.

“You know dad doesn’t like you talking like that.” Joey responded.

“I know, but you don’t care. Anyways, can we stop at the hair salon? I want to put black streaks in my hair.”

Crystal’s hair is neon red. She puts in a new hair color almost every month.

“Okay I’ll drop you off now.” Joey replied.

He pulled up to the local hair salon and gave Crystal a twenty dollar bill. He waited till she was inside; he waited for her to wave from inside the dusty glass windows. He then he pulled away. He sped through the arbor of trees on his block. He drove so fast that the flame colored leaves flew up in a cloud behind him. As he drove, he was sweating. He though, “Why, what does our father have to hide form us?!”  When he got to his house, he crashed through their wooden picket fence. The Grand Torino stopped but Joey didn’t care. He ran straight for the backyard. The shed door still flung open, he ran inside. Only this time he grabbed a hammer off of a tool bench. Joey flipped his black hair back then proceeded to pry open the hatch door.

It flung open backwards, time seemed to sit still as the wind blew through the shed.  It was pitch black in the hole that the door covered. Without further thought or hesitation, he stepped down inside. He found his footing on an old wooden ladder. Joey must’ve climbed ten feet down before reaching the bottom.  The pit was hot and humid, it quickly dried the cool sweat and tears on Joey’s face. The floor was smooth like marble, it was so dark that he could not tell if his eyes were open or not. Joey fumbled for his cellphone, he had a flashlight app on it.

(Data Bling!)

The app loaded, Joey pointed the light at the wall.

“A light switch!”

 He flipped it on and gasped at what he saw. The floor under him was tan and black speckled marble. It had an Amethyst pentagram graved in, candles laid on each point.  In the end of the demonic chamber was a cell with bars made of metal roses. Inside of it lied two, life sized dolls. Crippled on the floor they looked almost like real human girls. Joey was so frightened of what lied before him that he trembled in horror.  He scrambled up the ladder and slammed the hatch door down as hard as possible. Before he allowed himself to go into a complete panic his phone rang.

(Bling Ring!)

From: Crystal

O K, I’m Re D’. Mah hair looks awesome! XD!

Joey got into the Grand Torino and backed out of what used to be their fence. The wood broke even more under the tires. When he reached it, he pulled honked the horn at the salon.  Crystal came walking out looking like a living, Goth anime character. She got into the car avoiding, the spring that had cut her.

“You like it?” Asked Crystal with hopeful eyes.

Joey didn’t reply, his mind was fixed on what he’d just seen. When he didn’t reply Crystal turned on the radio. Static blasted through the old speakers. In an instant, Joey slammed his hand on the volume control knob and turned off the sound.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?” Joey yelled.

Joey had never yelled at Crystal that way before. She sat quietly. Joey apologized, so much; he couldn’t take the awkward silence. All he could think about was,

“What from hell did I just whiteness? Why does our father have this?”

 He quickly pulled in and avoided the horribly mangled fence.

“Rush much?” Crystal sarcastically asked.

Joey nudged her into the house, making sure she did not notice the shed. He knew Crystal was smart, but he didn’t want to know what was down in that cell. He cared to much to let her see what he had. Unless he figured out what it was.

“Maybe we could watch a movie.” Joey suggested.

“All right, let me just change into some more comfortable clothes.” Crystal replied.

She slid on her socks down the hallway, to her room and closed her door behind her. Joey flicked on the TV and their Netflix account. He stopped scrolling immediately when Crystal said…

“What did you do in the shed?”

She stood in her Jack Skellington slippers and pajama t-shirt in question. Joey couldn’t let her know what was in the shed, so he lied.

“I was trying to fix the old lawnmower.”

Crystal didn’t object, she just jumped onto the couch. They watched a comedy but no one laughed. Time passed until Joey got a text. It was almost as awkward as the car ride from the salon.

(Bling Ring!)

From: Sophie

Hey, me and my friends r going 2 the mall. U wants 2 come? ;)

Usually Joey would never leave Crystal alone because they always play Monopoly on nights when they don’t have school, but he needed to get his mind off of the shed.

“Hey Crystal, you don’t mind if I go out for a little while, do you?”  Joey asked.

“Not at all.” Crystal replied.

Crystal waited till the Grand Torino was far down the block before she slipped into a hoodie and headed for the shed. When she stepped inside, she immediately realized an up risen, part of the floor. She grabbed it and lifted it up. Joey had left the lights on after his surprise visit to the cell. Crystal climbed down into the hole and gazed at the two human sized dolls, fearlessly. Crystal had realized something that joey hadn’t, a key in the center of the pentagram, sunken into the floor. When she lifted up the key she realized a book inside of the cell, trapping the dolls. She got up off of the floor and walked towards the cell. The key fit perfectly into the lock holding the rose barred door to the wall. Crystal raised the white haired doll’s hand off of the book. She took the book outside of the cell and then re-locked its door.

(I luvs piggies!) Crystal’s phone sounded.

From: Joey

How r u?

Crystal replied,


 She opened the book; there was a picture of a person sitting in the middle of a pentagram. So, Crystal sat in the middle of the one in the floor. The book read,

The readers of my book, read with caution. Only one spell a day shall you read if you wish to revive my dolls.

Crystal turned to the first line of the book and read it aloud. Ignoring the introduction, reads all of them at once.



Chapter 2:

The Meeting.

Joey came home to find Crystal not in the living room. Usually when he leaves her home alone he comes back to find her watching TV, in the living room. When he walked down the hallway to Crystal’s room, the door was closed. He knocked,

“Come in.” Crystal replied through the door.

As soon as Joey opened the door he screamed at what he saw. The two dolls he’d seen in the cell under the shed were sitting on his little sister’s bed listening to her IPod. Joey charged at the one black haired ‘doll’.

“STOP!” Crystal jumped in her brother’s path.

Joey stopped short before he almost pummeled his little sister. He couldn’t speak, these two ‘things’ that were once dolls or still are dolls, Crystal was defending.

“Let’s talk in the living room.” Crystal suggested.

Joey agreed, but not before taking a baseball bat out for protection. Joey and Crystal sat on one couch and the two ‘dolls sat across from them on the floor. Their kimonos shined like silver. Joey trembled, he feared at his safety and his sisters.

“Explain.” Demanded Joey.

And she did,

“I got curious so I went into the shed and found a book, then I accidentally brought them to life and they turned out to be really cool!”

“You!” Joey pointed to the one ‘doll with the white hair.

“Why does my dad have you?”

“First of all…” The white haired doll replied…

“We have names, they are Amber and Marcy. We are still doll, but we are alive. Lastly, Amber’s better at telling the story than I am.”

The black haired doll with the purple eyes, apparently named Amber spoke,

“Well, Our full names are Marceline and Amberstone. And our story begins with this, you’ve probably heard of the Erik the Red, right?  He was a Norseman that was banned from his homeland. He took his son, Leif Erikson, to a place in which he discovered called Greenland. When he created a settlement there, he abandoned it shortly after. Nobody really knows the real reason, but we do and now you will. When Erik the Red, got to Greenland, he met a Soothsayer. The same exact soothsayer that had predicted Julius Caesar’s death during “the ides of March.” The Soothsayer gave Erik the Red a magical book and two dolls from Ancient China. Erik the Red became so obsessed with the book that he was given, he preserved the two dolls. Those dolls are us. We’ve been put into many museum exhibits. When we became less popular, we were put into auction and your Father bought us. For fun he read the spells a line a day like it says to. When he brought us to life he became so frightened that he killed us and built a cell over and around us.”

Joey sat stunned with all of this information that his brain was trying to process.

“Problem is, what do we do?” Crystal said.

Joey wanted to learn more, so he asked the question he pondered the most.

“What do you mean when you said, still doll, but we are alive?”

The white haired doll with blue eyes whose name is apparently Marcy replied,

“Since your sister read the spells all at once, we only have certain full qualities. We can be killed if injured bad enough. We hold know organs, blood or bone.”

After an hour of thinking, Joey came up with solutions to each of their many problems; he now figured that the two dolls are of no harm to them, he wasn’t easily convined. But he finally broke.

“Crystal, you take the dolls to the mall to buy them some clothes and I’ll order them school uniforms from St. Anneth’s. I’ll call the school and convince them that we’d adopted two older girls and want to register them.” Joey had covered everything accept one little detail.

“I’ll get them gloves bracelets and scarves to cover their hinges.” Crystal had thought of it, Joey was surprised on how clever she sometimes was.

The dolls still had hinges holding their hands, head, neck and feet on. 








Chapter 3:

Thanksgiving Part One. (One month later.)

Amber prepared trimmings while Joey stuffed the turkey, as they cooked, soft jazz music played in the background. The two had been cooking since about eight in the morning. Crystal wakes up, Marcy still sleeps next to her.

“Yo, Mar Mar. Get up.”

When Marcy didn’t wake, Crystal pushes her off her air mattress.

“What the hell!” Marcy shouted.

Before a battle could break out, the smell of turkey gravy wafted under their noses. They exchanged insidious grins, and then bolted for the living room. They flung themselves on the couch and moved it a foot backwards.

After they’d sorted out every little detail a month before, they’d grown closer as if they’d been family forever.

“I d.v.r’d, A Charley Brown Thanksgiving, Put it on.” Joey said.

Crystal flipped through the menu and turned on their favorite holiday special. Amber and Joey sat down on the couch and watched the show. Every once and a while somebody would get up to baste the turkey.

“I guess since it’s only on once a year that’s what makes it so special. “Amber said.

After they watched Charley Brown and watched Santa Clause drive away during the Macy’s Day Parade, Joey received a text.

(Bling Ring!)

From: Sophie

When r u coming over? J

Joey had completely forgotten, Sophie knew that Crystal’s and Joey’s father wouldn’t be home for Thanksgiving, so she invited them to their family’s get together.

“I forgot about Sophie!” Joey shouted aloud.

Crystal called Sophie,


“What’s up?” Sophie picked up.

“Is it okay if we bring Amber and Marcy?”

“Who are they?” Sophie asked clueless.

“Joey didn’t tell you? We adopted two older girls, it’s like we’ve been family forever!”  Crystal lied innocently.

“Oh, that’s really awesome, I can’t wait to meet them. Alright so, see you soon?!”

“Yeah, Bye.”

Crystal hung up the phone.

“Problem solved.” She said to Joey.

Joey knew, not ever in a million years could he have done that without, Sophie knowing that he was lying.

“Alright, everybody get dressed! Marcy and Amber, make sure you put on lots of necklaces, scarves, bracelets or whatever! We’ve got one hour to get ready and get all of the food in the car.”

They hurried and got all of the food, and themselves into the Grand Torino. Suprisingly.









Chapter:4: Sophie’s

The four try to fit into the Torino, they drive past the hair salon in the shopping center, and St. Anneth’s private school.

“Alright, Sophie’s is just around the next stop sign. You guys remember what to do?” Joey asked.

The dolls nodded, there many necklaces, chains, bracelets, scarves and bands clinked and clanged. They didn’t honestly know how to formally dress. They had limited clothes and wore heavy black makeup and plaid skirts. They wore pop-culture t-shirts and shared the same style as Crystal. Joey sighed at they’re outfits. He looked much different out of his sisters and the dolls.

“You know you didn’t have to wear a tuxedo.” Amber said as if reading his mind.

“Sophie’s family is very, formal. I can’t wait to see how they look at me for letting you three out of the house like this.” Joey replied sarcastically.

They pulled up to Sophie’s house. It stood tall, a huge red brick colonial, with pillars from the deck up. They pulled the Torino up to one of the Red Maple trees. As the four walked up to the front doors, they opened. Sophie ran out and hugged Joey and Crystal. She looked past them and saw the two “girls” standing there. She stopped hugging the two siblings and looked at Marcy and Amber.

“Oh my god, you two must be the new additions to the family!” Sophie gushed excitedly.

Amber and Marcy made self-judging faces when they saw what Sophie was wearing. Black heels, Black prep skirt, gold erring’s, diamond necklace, and her blond hair (straight) shined in the autumn sun. Sophie noticed their sullen faces.

“Hey, if you want to borrow some of my clothes you can.” Sophie delightedly offered.  

Amber and Marcy gladly accepted the gracious offer and were escorted through the double doors, up the marvelous staircase, across the balcony and into Sophie’s room.

“Do you ever think that Sophie’s house is a little to???”Crystal trailed off.

“What?” Joey responded.

“Well that, her family is just so, like, preppy.”

“You mean you think, that they think, that they’re too good for us?!” He answered with a slight laugh.

Crystal shrugged her shoulders. They heard the taping of footsteps on the black and white checkered marble floors. The voices in the other room echoed off the large walls.


“I don’t see what our Sophie sees in that boy.”

“And that delinquent sister of his, uhg. Sophie loves her as if she was family.”

Crystal listened with a smirk and then gave Joey the, “I told you so.” Look.  Sophie’s parents walked around the corner in the most neutral and bland, formal clothes Joey and Crystal had ever seen.

“Hello, Jonathan! How have you been, you look good!” Mrs. Thoth shouted giddy with a phony smile.

“High Jonathan.” Said Mr. Thoth, extending his hand to shake Joey’s.

Joey accepted the shake. Thinking to himself about how long he’s been fooled by the Thoth’s ruse. But, the thought that troubled him the most was if Sophie thought the same as her parents.

Meanwhile, in Sophie’s room…

“So, where do you want to put the jewelry?” Asked Sophie.

“What?” Responded Marcy.

“All that jewelry, you can’t ware that to dinner.”Sophie unknowingly said.

Amber and Marcy panicked, they started to babble and grow flustered.

“It’s okay! You can leave it on. Can you at least tell me why?”

Amber and Marcy looked at each other and came up with a quick excuse.

“It was a car accident; we got cut up trying to escape a car that’d crashed off the side of the town bridge. It left some ugly scars.”

Marcy lied, lied as if it was the truth. But she and Amber knew Sophie couldn’t know what they were no matter what.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I had no idea! Well, let’s go downstairs, I can’t wait to eat.”

Eat! The dolls have completely forgotten! They have no innards. Sophie left the room, the two dolls exchanged horrified glances. Marcy bursts,

“What are going to do!!!!!!!?”

Amber answered, “Alright, relax. I’ll fake falling down the stairs. Later I’ll just snap my hinge back in place. But make sure Joey knows we’re faking it, alright?”

Marcy nodded her head in agreement; they walked to the foot of the stairs. Amber walked to the top of the stairs. Tried to take a breath, and then remembered she had no lungs.

“Aaaaiiiiiiii!” Amber shrieked before she flung herself down the stairs.

Amber lay at the bottom of the stairs, her leg bent upwards and sideways. She pretended to cry.  The Thoth’s came running out of the kitchen. Marcy stopped Joey and Crystal before they could panic.

“It’s okay; she pulled out her knee pin. Just stay here and let me drive Crystal and Amber home.” Marcy calmed the suddenly frightened two.

“You can’t drive! What if you get pulled over?” Joey nervously responded.

“It’s okay, the house is literally only two miles away.”  

















Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Ikiison. All rights reserved.

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