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Something I thought up (counts on fingers) 2 weeks after I read a fantastic book called A Crack in the Line. Try not to laugh, because it IS pretty serious. Basically, it's stressing how important each choice you make is.

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008



Picture this.

You are a sixteen year old male. Seeking protection from the streets, you decide to join a gang. After a long probation, the only thing left for you to do is take the cigarettes that are offered to you and smoke them. However, you know that cigarettes are easy to get hooked on and are extremely bad for you. You also know that the probability of offending the gang by refusing the joints are high.

Scenario 1:

You refuse the cigarettes. Angered by your actions, the gang beats you into a painful death.

All because you decided to not take the cigarettes.

Scenario 2:

You accept the cigarettes and, in result, gets hooked on them. All goes well until you leave your lighter on the kitchen table as you go and take a shower. Your little brother walks in, and, having never seen a lighter in his life, starts playing with it. He has never seen fire before and is enchanted by the flames. He goes on to accidentally light your house on fire. When you walk out of the restroom, you find the house a raging inferno. You manage to escape, but your brother dies, and you live the rest of your life with regret and grief.

All because you decided to accept the cigarattes.

Scenario 3:

Let's say you accepted the cigarettes but didn't take a shower. You grow up as a drug addict and marry a girl who is also a drug addict. You live 'happily' together for a while, but then you find out that she is seeing another man. In your grief, you assault him, but he has a gun. He shoots you and you die. The only child you had with your treacherous wife grows up, kills his mother and the man, then grows up to become a psychopath and murders everyone he catches alone on the streets.

All because you didn't take a shower.

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