Miss Felicity and Mr. Pain

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awarness between pain and happiness

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013




How many of us waking up every morning, instead of thinking how lucky we are to have another day to live, just think what probably awaits them are various habits, and then they get depressed, or even those of us living their silent pain every day?

Probably the spell of human being consists to seek his own peace of mind, the one that does not depend on the presence or absence of someone dear to us, or by our personal achievements, which I consider a contour.

Search for your peace of mind may be comparable to a treasure hunt for a child.

Serenity represents our treasure, the balance of our lives and is determined by the knowledge that unfortunately or fortunately there is only a chance to be happy, or at least to think of try this happiness.

Most of us forget of this wonderful thing called LIFE.

Numerous, small, simple things make your heart smile, even a smile of a stranger, received without any reason, during a frenzied rush for last minute shopping, raising your eyes frantically.

Again. The morning sun, the sound of rain, the voice of the wind, the pure eyes of a child, the music, the sweetness look of your dog or your cat purring.

It is important to open your heart to life and smile first to her.

You might believe that it is easy to write about Serenity, because I might have no experience, but I assure you, that suffering is a friend of mine, since some time already. I have lived, explored and then experienced the pain; but if you just considered life itself, it will be possible that Sufferance will knock again at my door.

I wondered what arises from the psychological pain, and I answer that man suffers because lives, because it gets in touch with the reality, the outside.

I am not an existentialist, on the contrary, I am convinced that life is not only despair, boredom or whatever, both Felicity and Pain are part of our journey, and in most cases do not depend on us just because they’re caused by our contact with the real world.

The dizzying and depressing pain will trick the human being, causing the loss of himself and his toughness.

After all, Latin said: errare humanum est, so it can happen that one totally give up, you feel deprived of the necessary strength to withstand the pain and so sadly alone and misunderstood, in some cases, one  might get used to this condition.

Silently I scream NO to the loss of contact with the real world, which do not expect us  beginning to rebuild our lives, even if all has been ruined in small pieces in the blink of an eye.

I think, unfortunately, that existential unrest is due to negative experiences which can lead to a distancing of the human being to the outside world, it’s obvious that it depends on how you detached yourself from reality.

I personally imagine a surreal world where there is little rain, the sky is often blue, the night punctuated by bright stars, where there is food for everybody, where there is a cure for all diseases,where there is no indifference, where there is no fear, where there is a lullaby for every child and a caress for every dog.

It's not just a perfect world because is tainted by reality, on the other hand has always helped me to stay balanced and smiling.

You reader, you may think that the creation of a surreal world could be synonymous of interior imbalance, abnormal, and then I will wonder what is normal for you.

Human beings are so used to say the word "normal" that this same word, as I'm concerned, has no particular significance.

No one is normal but every human is different insofar as UNIQUE.

Writers and thinkers have always tried to make light on human imperfection, some through narration stories others trying to theorized long introspective journeys.

So  far, ‘normal’  does not exist, and frankly it makes me a little scared. 


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