My wonderful India

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My view of India, what this magic land has taught me.

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



My India

INDIA, only five letters that contain a universe, a reality created by different customs and habits, from North to South and from East to West.

My experience covers the region of Tamil Nadu, considered the real India.

The culture of Tamil Nadu is so deeply rooted that their language, Tamil, will probably be inserted as a third national official language, after Hindi and English.

This India, with its colors, its smiles, its dance, the music, magnificent temples, the nature that seems to live in symbiosis with human beings, the history of people full of love, religion founded on the philosophy of reincarnation, karma, concept of soul, the absolute intake, the search for more higher truth and an inner peace.

Well, all this clashes with the true reality of India. One month may be sufficient to understand the incredible contradiction of this magic land.

Here’s, my India, a everyday reality sadly unjust, where there is an incredible social gap, a government radically corrupted and where too many people are living in serious difficulty.

I believe that many social problems have been due to the existence of the caste system, which deprives of liberty needed to choose for your own life.

My India is the one that just few look at and hardly anyone does listen to.

My India is one of a male mold, in which, for women, especially among low castes there is no life. The woman has no real rights, she cannot be completely master of her own destiny.

My India is made up of women abandoned to themselves that don’t even know how to write their names, whom suffer the abuse of alcoholic and abusive husbands, forced to marry unknown cousins or brothers of their own mother. Women abandoned due to HIV most of the times contracted by the husband.

My India, where people are dying because of diabetes, insulin is on sale just nowadays and not everyone can afford it.

India, where too many innocent people live by the street corners, too many children have no chance for education and where too many of these pure eyes have seen things that cloud my heart.

My India is made up of children without a mother, because has been raped and killed by the father, and others without a father because died of diseases, very treatable in Europe.

An overcrowded India where abandoned sick dogs, with sad eyes, made up of dirty streets, where there are no bins for garbage and where old people begging tired and look through the waste, kissing the feet of anyone who gives them a few rupees.

My story tells the other side of India, few people say, this India is full of contradictions, paradoxes and British contaminations, who has unjustly expropriated its many resources.

An India far away from Bollywood.

My India is the one of the poor people, free from basic resources like water, without a formal education, and without what really distinguishes the human being from the animal: the beloved free will.

My India is made mostly from pure smiles, without any opportunism, where in spite of everything, the real solidarity exists, especially among the poor people, they always know how to smile.

My India is made up of strong women,giving moral support one another. It is made up of orphans with a big heart who can only smile, and made of humble souls who help and respect each other.

This is the India which needs to be lived, understood and assisted.

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My Indian experience it is mostly concluded.

It definitely was a month full of excitement, enthusiasm, melancholy, insights and new discoveries.

I believe I have never had a relationship as true and honest with myself, until now.

India was my first real teacher, from whom I learned much more than I ever imagined.

It taught me that the real and sincere smiles are the ones you get from people with whom life has not been particularly generous with.

It taught me that there is no more joy of care to give, without thinking about what you receive in return.

It taught me that if there a handful of rice, it is just right to share it with those who do not even have a speck.

I learned that you can receive emotional support in times of despair, and this represents one of the great treasures of the world.

I learned that within the heart of every man lies silent peace and cosmic harmony.

It taught me that you need little bit in life, to be calm and smile.

It taught me that there is no money in the world that can make your soul in peace with the universe.

It taught me the meaning of innocence eyes of a child who does not know the bitterness of spirit.

I learned from rock-solid women, who do not know fear.

I learned from girls with smiles sweet as honey, living in purity.

It taught me self-control and count to ten in times of transition panics.

And most important, it taught me that freedom of action and choice, overlooked by us in the West, are among the most precious goods within a human being life.

Ilaria Castelli

© Copyright 2017 ilaria castelli. All rights reserved.

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