Why there is such a thing as the Time??

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What is the time??

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013





The time again and again. It comes back as the main character in our lives, time is life and the life is over time. The men refers endlessly to time.

Every human action it is subject of time and many human discourses refer to the same. Moments where we wish that Time just stops, others in which we wish it passes as quickly as possible.

My relationship with Time has just started.

The problem it is to recognize and understand his quiet existence.

We are always too busy growing up to think of him, but then, you wake up one day with the knowledge that you had spent a quarter of century on this earth and you did not even realize it.

You didn’t realize that decades have passed, thousands of days, millions of hours and billions of seconds, from your birth.

Let me explain. 

The time himself represents the invisible condition of life.

Necessary and sufficient condition of life as all life is subject to Time. 

This really scares me, knowing that 'what it was' is unchangeable.

Within the consciousness of freedom of choices of the present and future, remains impassable the awareness with the past, like a silent lightning.

It scares me the certainty that one cannot change the past and even the last hundredth of a second it takes me to write on this sheet.

I still cannot change the immobile time of suffering and I can not stop the quicker time of happiness.

The duration of a conscious perception of time is unchangeable. Time does not allow me to change the past but allows me to preserve memories.

Every man holds the memories of the time of his life, so that the past belongs to him in form of Memory but not of Time, because the same cannot belong to anyone, he is the invisible condition of life.

For this reason when I think about my time in this life, I imagine it as the picture frame of my life.

The teacher, friend, counselor or deceptive, is all relative to how humans can use it, and so it is important how to use where the winning post is probably represented by the achievement of pure serenity, free  from any sort of conditionings.

A serene human being spends his time well, and probably spends it with quality means to have understood its importance.

The problem that is often overlooked and ignored, misused, because of the lack of actual perception of its presence. He just keeps going to transform these experiences into past memories, in the near future. 

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