People Watching, St Kilda

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I wrote this story whilst sipping coffee in Barkly St, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

CAFÉ 23rd April 1999
I'm sitting in the window at this cafe and I'm having a great people watching session. There's a barber across the road who wished he had more clients but wouldn't want to expand his business into a Toni and Guy branch. School kids are boarding the bus after what they think has been a very taxing day; flirting with other kids, passing notes in class and winning the last goal in basketball. Delivery trucks beep backwards as they try and find the obscure cafe that looks like a second hand book shop - in fact I think it is a second hand book shop. 
Actors out of work try and look busy on their mobile phones, talking to their agents. Waiters who serve them coffee know they can act better than them, they're just trying to make ends meet. Pretty much everyone is in uniform, cargo pants, runners and vesty tops. Ahh how I crave for individuality. I see the odd bum, though I know that's not the proper term. They're wandering around asking for sympathy or money, the latter oddly enough less so. The same expensive cars constantly pull up the lights; they're just cruising though, no destination in mind, you can tell because the drivers are too eager to catch the eye of a passer by on foot. Mental note: I hate four wheel drives in the inner city area. The music in the cafe is a little messy. The conversations are intellectual with mobile phone interruptions.
Don't worry people, the world is going to end and it's got nothing to do with what you learnt 8 years ago at university.
The tippers aren't tipping enough. Another bus has pulled up, but no one gets on, there must be a lull in PT users. The chefs in the kitchen across the road (next to the barbers) are wishing they did that course they were offering on make up artistry and not stuck in a steaming kitchen cooking the same thing every day for boring middle class conservative people.
A durgy version of Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown" is now playing - is there no relief? My god, I think I can hear a citar! I wonder if all of these new cars are gradually making their way to IKEA? I think there are professional bumper inerers.... people who walk the street (the same one, over and over and over) just so they can bump into people they know, so that on the off chance they might look popular. There are not very many bike riders out today - their tyres must be flat. I'm now trying to work out whether the CD is skipping or whether it's just part of the song. I think it was skipping because they've changed the song.

Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Oh, St. Kilda. Just like any other suburb now.
Good job.

Fri, June 25th, 2010 9:42pm


Thank you. Never thought any one would read it! Cheers.

Sat, July 17th, 2010 7:25pm

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