Lovely flower

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A poem about a girl i met ....

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Writing a poem isn't randomly
This one is dedicated especially
It's for a girl i met recently
Let me before say :she's pretty
Another name for her is loquita(1)
She has a good heart and lovely
Don't ask about her mind and beauty
But few words are necessary
She's smart girl and brainy
Her face is beautiful and shiny
Her voice is magic , goes inside deeply
I'm talking about her honestly
She's a kind girl and friendly
Sometimes i make her upset or angry
She forgives , it's her quality
Her qualities? there are many
Give me a big dictionary
And also a book of morality
See significance of her name lately
"I'm hurricane girl and stormy"
Said the girl but she's crazy
She's a good cooker .. spicy?
No , her cooking is tasty
I believe her , she's trusty
She helps anyone who is needy
She's elegant girl and nifty
She's talking with you knowingly
when she answers ,she does it intelligently
She's skillful dancer and zippy
She's not like who is grouchy
Or maybe secretive one and knotty
She's very special and funny
I know, no need to say it but,sorry
Who is this girl? she knows already
 Another thing to say sincerely
"Come to follow way of the Almighty "(2)
1- loquita : crazy in spanish

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