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A poem about love hurt ..

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



If you ask me about "love hurts"
I don't know , i didn't live it
But i have some words to say outright*
You have an old story or maybe recent
You suffered and you still recollect*
So , you have a reality to confront*
Past is past whatever it costs
If you live in past
You'll lose your present
And future will be another past
Keep beautiful side of your past
Clean bad things if exist
Look forward and forget
Why care about who left!
Your tear is precious , keep it
He doesn't deserve it
"Who can hurt you doesn't exist"
Put this in your mind and believe it
Why ignore who loves for who neglects*
Why wasting more time in what was spent
Maybe it is difficult but try and don't regret
Real love can't have a limit
It's forever and honest
Don't trust all what is said by each twit*
He will say all things to attract
"You're the only one and the sexiest"
"Without you, my life is bullshit"
Listen to me and think about it
Count on who appreciates your mind and heart
Not who your body is his interest
One day he will go to another and make you out
Real lover will be for you and will insist
"For the rest of my life i'll be your knight"
" Plz, may you be my wife and let's start"
Hold my hand and follow the way of light (1)
Way of manners , dignity and respect
World without morality is like a forest
Everyone is prey of who is strongest
Life is shorter than you thought
Live it and take care of your spirit
Make sense to it by following what is right
It's up to you to choose and accept
You can't bring what was lost
Just remember always and repeat
Smile and move your lips to do it

List of words :

outright : clearly and honestly
recollect : remember
confront : to face or to deal
neglect : ignore and not give attention
twit : silly , idiot ..

1 :plz see :

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