Born of Osiris-Part II of The Contortionist Quadrilogy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Under the 4th Dynasty, a young, human-alien half-breed, is called upon by his father to meet his destiny.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




The inside of the pyramid glowed with the light of a thousand suns in reverse.  Ausar looked straight into it, had no choice but to, it would burn through his eyelids commanding them open.


The light shone with the strength of a million storms, and the rumble of noise announcing his father shook the pyramid to its foundations, yet not a single piece of rubble fell from the ceiling.


The light shone with the brightness of all the world’s pain filing him, fueling him, feeding him. His eyes flipped in his skull, spinning out of control, his head tilted backward, swallowing all the light, leaving him in pitch darkness until his body glowed white with energy.


A ray of light shot from his mouth towards the pointy top in the hollow structure. He felt his body grow thin, his particles stretch to infinity and snapped upwards with a deafening silence.


Outside, the gathered crowd saw none of the light; they heard the commotion, but to them, it meant Ausar was now with Anubis, and the Blessed Living.



The ship had barely reached relativistic velocities before it broke through a mirror image of space, hiding the entrance to the Ta’Ari system of connecting black holes, and Eternal Ta’Ar, evenly balanced at the center of the singularity. Millions of years before, a small outpost of Yy’Thrraan had landed on Ta’Ar, thinking to have found a new colony; instead they had found death, and life reborn as the Blessed Living.


Ausar peered through the ship’s windows, the speed streaked suns past the vessel, entering them, swallowing their energy from White to Red Dwarf[1].


The energy trickled through the ship[2], a snake-like figure appeared in the window, hungry, starving for the atoms that sustained it but that now fueled the vessel. Sun worms may be unintelligent, fearful and famished creatures he thought, but it wouldn’t matter if they encountered one ten times the size of the ship, it would swallow them whole and take its last meal, as its flesh, and hydro-atomic energy melted into the Ta’Ari ship.


Eternal Ta’Ar called him on the space gales; he had felt it from Earth, when they locked him alive inside the pyramid to await his father.


The ship landed on a platform connecting three giant pyramids, its passengers translated to their atomic essence and sent to the different triage areas, where they would be cleansed of any bacteria before being allowed to join the rest of the population.


Ausar, as a half-human half-Ta’Ari, did not require cleansing and was sent directly to his father’s chambers through a network of connecting cables to the tallest structure on Ta’Ar, and in Yy’Thrraa’Ta’Ar overlooking the capital city of the Empire, Ta’Ar y’Daa’N[3]. 


He did not like the experience of molecular deconstruction and reconstruction, and instinctively patted himself to check if all the bits still fit, and in the right place.


“Still human at heart my son?”


His father’s voice boomed through the giant hall, between columns and carvings of the battles that had forged Ta’Ar, and arose the envy of Yy’Thrraa. But his father’s voice was different from usual, while he sometimes teased his son on his humanity, this time; he held a hint of impatience, laced with intent.


“Father, I doubt anyone enjoys the experience, habit weeds out discomfort is all.”


“Still, you may not look it, but you are Ta’Ari my son, bodies don’t matter. Bodies melt and fade, only the essence remains.”


Anpu (A’Aan P’Uu’) stepped onto the dais overlooking the hall, cast in the appearance as they knew him on earth, his pointy ears twitching.


“This body is not mine, this form is not Me. I am. Eternal.”


“Eternal Ta’Ar.” Ausar said instinctively, sensing that this time was different indeed, that the time had come for him to serve Ta’Ar and his father. “But they sense this body is not me father. They know it, they thought that by sacrificing me they would somehow appease their unease by appeasing your anger father.”


Anpu’s image flickered, settling to his original form. His father’s eyes softened at his son’s unfortunate circumstances. His upper arms linked at the hands that he raised to his forehead, his lower arms grabbed two laser swords, and crossed them.


“Aa’u’Sa’Arrr.” He said kindly, almost reverently, and lowered his head.


His eyes shot open. A ray of green light hit Ausar in the forehead, flooding him with visions of the future, but not his own.


In the billion year distance, he saw the pyramids of earth crumble, and wooden sea vessels turn metal, and giant towers rise from the ground and spiral into dust, ice cover the world and retreat, new sentient races emerge and disappear, fish walk out of water and rule the earth until its atmosphere boiled and all moisture failed and they died in a scorching desert giving birth to yet new things, beautiful and terrible, but intelligent, and powerful beyond word. And he knew his father’s plan.




He awoke in a tank, his cells stretched to bursting with radioactive energy. Tubes fed liquefied Ta’Ari fungus straight into his bloodstream, into his brains, into his marrow and bone until he glowed green with radioactive light.


His father’s voice echoed in his head, with so much energy his external field radiated thousands of miles from his body, and yet he did not self-combust, he could hear every voice in the city and read every mind, but of all, his father’s voice was the most painful to bear. Cold, calculating and carefree.


“How much more can he take?”


“We do not know sire. We have tried to push Ta’Ari pureblood to half this limit without any success, the tanks contained the explosions and recycled the energy, as they would now, but we can’t afford to lose such a specimen sire. “


“My son.”


But there was no warmth in his voice, even if there had; Ausar would have read right through it. He was in his father’s mind and saw the battle billions of years in the future, where the new earthly race would crush the last Ta’Ari and Yy’Thrraan coalition and rule the Milky Way unfettered and move even beyond to distant and remote galaxies, where they too would change, split and recreate the cycle of the peoples they had destroyed. He knew his father’s plan for futile over hundreds of billions of years, just as Anpu knew it and yet…


Pain raked his mind as he pushed further into the oblivion, further into the distant future until he saw a planet in the outer fringe zones of the Milky Way, and a small species of slug adapt to an electric fungus and evolve to become Yy…


His eyes burst awake.


“Now you have seen.”


His father’s voice had changed, now it held warmth, warmth and pride, but his plan had not changed.


“Now you know your purpose.”


He lowered a lever. The last sound he heard was the panicked voice of the doctor administrating the dosage (Sire!), as his father pushed his body to the limits of what it could hold.




He landed on the floor of the pyramid with a sonic boom that shattered the pyramid to dust, causing it to crumble over and around him.


He shook himself up, sending debris high into the sky, as the villagers he had known as friends and family, lovers and foes, ran and gathered around the crater he left behind.


As he reached the edge and looked upon his people, the same who had tried to kill him, and sent him unwittingly to the one who would, he felt a ray of sunlight touch his neck and the energy form his body drained into it, flooding through space, into the star and back into his body in an endless cycle of bubbling energy, growing to breaking point.


The villagers stepped back, but it was too late. Ausar grew green with the radiation and sent a blast into the sun that set it on an inevitable destruction course, preventing the future he had read in his father’s mind.


The earth shook beneath his feet as the energy bubbled from his body and his skin started to crack and peel from his bones, and burn the villagers to a cinder. Ausar looked into the depths of the future, and smiled at what he saw, for he knew, with the certainty of a God, that his father would lose; as he died remembering the moment when it would all begin again.




Of the Ta’Ari


The Ta’Ari are an atomic-organic symbiote originally descended from a sister race called Yy’Thrraan[4]. They are named after the Yy’Thrraan word Ta’ (Blessed/Anointed) and Ari (Living). They have evolved separately of Yythrraan over several million years, yet linguistic and cultural similarities remain, as demonstrated by the galactic empire named after them: Yy’Thraa’Ta’Ar (Eternal Ta’Ar), although no self-respecting Ta’Ari would acknowledge the distant kinship.


Ta’Ar started as an outpost, as an Yy’Thrraan vessel, caught in a black hole emerged through a white hole on a planet maintaining a network of wormholes in balance. This particularity allowed Ta’Ar to be both isolated and given access to any given region in the three furthest spiral arms of the Milky Way.


Originally electric-organic symbiotes, the Yy’Thrraan aboard the ship encountered fungi growing naturally on the planet, which they mistook for the fungus commonly found in the Yy’Thrraan system. Its properties, however, were very different. Whereas the Yy’Thrraan fungus had electric properties, which allowed Yythrraan to evolve from simple, mindless organisms to a galactic empire spanning five spiral arms of the Milky Way, Ta’Ari fungus had atomic properties, which caused the Yy’Thrraan to die in vast numbers. Once they realized the cause of their illness, they tried to wane themselves unsuccessfully of the fungi which, although fatal, was also life sustaining up until its atomic properties caused irreparable damage to its consumers.


A very small number of Yy’Thrraan survived, but the few who did, developed energy absorbing properties, giving them almost limitless power, and the ability to regulate energy volumes in their bodies, lest they overcharge and burst. This ability allowed them to conquer single-handedly three spiral arms of the Milky Way, and in their gratefulness, renamed themselves Ta’Ar.  They consequently cut all ties with Yy’Thrraa, and developed a singular society in the safety of the wormhole-connected planet.


One of the first inhabited planets they encountered in the early days of their conquest was a small planet in a solar system of eight and a non-elliptical orbital giant meteorite in the fringes of the system. This planet, would eventually, but not yet, be called Earth.


Ta’Ari eliminated several intelligent autonomous species on the planet before allowing for an intelligent one to survive, closely related to apes, feral and easily domesticated, Humans.


Ta’Ari are physically very close to Yy’Thrraan in that their high body density allows them to grow and expand at will without losing mass, making them practically invulnerable in their original form, but weaker and more vulnerable as they expand. They also have similar intellectual capacities and communicate in much the same manner. In addition their energy absorbing properties compound that invulnerability, as long as there is an immediate outlet for the energy to be absorbed. Otherwise, Ta’Ari overcharge and explode, making them very dangerous to friends and foes alike. Their carefully balanced internal chemistry allows them to survive, but also gives them the appearance of being detached and aloof, that is not the case, nothing happening within the vicinity of a Ta’Ari goes unnoticed, as their radioactive energy field extends several feet away from their bodies.


Humans think of Ta’Ari as shape shifters, they are not. However, just as they control their internal chemistry, their energy field can take on different appearances to the onlooker, or make them entirely invisible at will.


[1] Ta’Ari space ships feed on energy fields, the stronger the field, the stronger the ship; consequently, the energy source dwindles as the ships go through and out of them. The energy is released as it is used, an endless cycle of self-feeding force.  A yellow dwarf, such as earth’s sun, would first appear to shiver, and shrink, losing atomic potency, to a smaller G-type star, before bursting alive as the ship exits it, releasing its energy into the void.

[2] Ta’Ari ships, are living, thinking organisms, grown from the pilot’s stem cells. They function through a direct physical connection to the pilot, and contain the entirety of its knowledge; everything the pilot ever saw, experienced, or heard is stored within the ship, even if those memories are locked in the pilot’s subconscious. Any piece of information is accessible to the pilot at will. The energy absorbed, is sent directly into the engines and expelled, the excess energy is shared evenly among the passengers to avoid overcharges and explosions. A ship’s absorptive capacities depend on its size and the amount of weaponry it carries. Ta’Ari battle ships can contain the energy of a small G-type star without concern for overcharge.

[3] Ta’Ari Stronghold.

[4] See Veil of Maya, Of Yy’Thrraan. 


© Copyright 2020 Ill Buddha. All rights reserved.

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