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I want your opinion! tell me who’s right or wrong, who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. and what each of them should do,
This is something that really happened I’m sorry for the awful vocabulary, and the MANY typos. I copy pasted this from their instant messages. I wont give there real names but there 2 of my best friends "m" represents the girl and "t" represents the guy.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



T-U telling me… I miss u

M-Hmm I don’t believe u u should be happy now you can fuck who ever u want

T-Thank u but no thank u


M-Again I don’t believe you maybe u maybe u cnt help that u want like 4 girls, U told me that you been

doing stuff with other girls wile we were going out

T-And u was my girl friend they was no I told them that… I don’t do all the stuff that we did that is why I

tell you this things I not going 2 leave u 4 some bitch.

That’s the way I feel

M- I don’t get you … there r like 10 other girls that r willing to do the stuff you wanted 2 do but ur going

out with me telling me shit u done- sounding like ur trying 2 make me jealous.

T-No I want you to think about me

M- what?

T- Well I cant explain right now

M- I didn’t just do this cus I was mad at you for skippn with Ashlee, I don’t really care about that. I’ve

thought this through if that’s what u mean.

T-And a point for me…:p my point… and tell me why you broke up with me…

M-A.) u want /got to many girls

B.)u act like ur trying guilt me in to some shit telling me bout wat ur doing with other girls @ home

C.) your CHEATING imma quote u last time I saw u, u said “I haven’t had sex in 2 weeks” Why would

u tell me that ? And we been going out for longer than 2 weeks.

T-and what im trying u that , that I want to be open to u and u os not all the other girls u think about

calling… because I do not think so.

M-Im not Talking ‘bout calling, hey I may call other guys but im not gonna date them, im not having sex

with them. U want a girl whos cool with u doing all that?

T- so u do not want me to have sex with if we was going out… U got to tell me stuff like this, that why we

talk evey

M- im sorry bout that I thought it was implied, why do u even want a gf if your having sex with multiple


T- I want u… its just something about u I cant get over, like I sed there is no girl like u… do u still want

go out not right now?

M-Im wanting to say yes but I know that’s a bad idea, I like you but your happy the way u r u need 2 find

some one who’s cool with that so u don’t have to change.

T-But I can change for u I don’t need no other girl but u …:p unless u don’t want me back then its cool.

M- no we both need to find someone else

T-Cool still best friend…:p

M-:-D awesome

T- I’ll call u tomorrow

M- ok bye bye

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