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A story I wrote about a haunted car.

Submitted: July 05, 2015

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Submitted: July 05, 2015



Lisa had just passed her theory; she wanted to get a car as soon as she could, so she took a short stroll down to her local car dealership. A car company like Ford or Vauxhall didn’t own the dealership, it was a small family business that sold second-hand cars for a lower price. Lisa enters the dealership, and she was greeted by the polite smile of one of the workers. The worker got up and started talking to Lisa, “Can I help you anything, Madam?” Lisa nodded and said, “Oh, yes please! I’m looking for a small hatchback.” The worker got up and took Lisa outside onto a court, where she viewed several cars. Lisa wasn’t so keen on the first car she saw; a Peugeot 205, she didn’t like it as it been poorly upgraded, with many aftermarket parts that really didn’t suit Lisa’s style. The next car was even worse; a battered Ford Fiesta that had looked like it had a tree fall on top off it. The workers constant chatting bored Lisa, making her eyes wander around, it was then she spotted the Fiat 500. Lisa interrupted the worker and asked, “Can I have a look at that Fiat over there please!” The workers eyes slanted, he couldn’t remember that car ever arriving here, but he and Lisa walked towards the extremely tidy Fiat. Lisa was shocked at the price! Only £350 for it! The Fiat was only a year old, too. “I want this!” Lisa exclaimed. The worker still confused, agreed to the sale.


Soon Lisa was happily driving home, in her new, mint green Fiat 500. She had fiddled around with all the buttons and gadgets in the car. Lisa pulled onto her driveway, as she got of the car, she noticed something which annoyed her very much; one of the hubcaps was missing. Lisa remembered that she had kept the hubcaps off her mum’s Nissan Micra, which had failed its MOT tests. Lisa walked into the garaged, grabbed one of the old hubcaps and went back outside to fit it on, a perfect fit! The Nissan hubcap looked odd on the Fiat, but Lisa did not mind.


The next morning Lisa went out to her car and got into it, she whizzed off down the road to her work, which was about 5 miles away. When Lisa’s shift was over she noticed something was odd, the hubcap Lisa had placed on her car the previous afternoon was gone. “Right!” Lisa said, annoyed “Time for some serious action!” Lisa went back into the garage, grabbed another hubcap and then some zip ties. She placed the hubcap on and then wrapped the zip tie around it, locking it to the black wheel beneath.


Things started to get odd, firstly the hubcap Lisa replaced was gone, and secondly someone had scratched the word ‘Coral’ onto into bonnet. Lisa was furious and filed a complaint to her local Neighbourhood protection program and the police. Lisa left for work, the word ‘Coral’ still carved into the bonnet.


Lisa gave up on replacing the hubcap, she honestly didn’t care for it, as far as she was concerned, the car still drove well and did its job. After an expensive visit to the local car repair shop, the word ‘Coral’ had been buffed out.


The following morning, Lisa strolled towards her car again, ready for work, when she dropped everything and yelled in anger. The words ‘Coral hates’ was now crudely marked into the bonnet of Lisa’s Fiat. Lisa contacted the police, and then headed for work, quite red in the face.


After Lisa’s shift, the police had been and gone, they suggested Lisa should park the car elsewhere, even knowing her neighbourhood ad a very low crime rate.


Lisa awoke the next morning at walked towards her car, that feeling of fury rushed back when she saw another word engraved into the car bonnet, it now read ‘Coral hates you!’ Lisa phoned the police and notified them. Lisa then headed to work. As Lisa got to an intersection, she needed to go right, towards her work, when the car suddenly indicated left and it’s own accord, Lisa had just about had enough of this car and now knew why it was at such a low price! Lisa was creeped out when the car started moving by itself, even when Lisa moved the steering wheel or put on the breaks, the car pushed on without a struggle. The car was now going about 90 and headed onto the motorway. Lisa screamed and tried to slow down. The car then moved onto a wrong lane, which meant it was driving the opposite direction to the oncoming cars, Lisa screamed when the little Fiat collided with a large truck, killing Lisa instantly, Lisa’s body lay quite still. As expected the road was shut off and when an emergency team arrived, The Fiat 500 was nowhere to be found, however Lisa’s body had been set onto the ground, as if someone had put her there. The truck driver could not recall a thing, ass he had been knocked out by the impact. Shortly after the road was cleared and reopened.


At the car dealership, a spotless, mint green Fiat 500 was for sale, but this time it had 2 hubcaps missing and was now for sale at £250. It gleamed in the sunlight with its licence plate reading ‘C0R A01’


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