The Beach (My first story)

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A story about a dream I had a few days ago.

Submitted: June 16, 2015

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Submitted: June 16, 2015




Chapter 1: The Photo

August had arrived, this was a good thing for James, as he knew his friends, Sophia and Nicole had just finished school. James had already been off school since the end of June. Nicole and Sophia are in the year below James, so they had more time at school.

James got his iPod out of his pocket and was about to check his emails, when spotted that he had a notification on his Snapchat. James promptly opened the Snapchat app and saw that is was from Nicole, he viewed the Snapchat; it was a picture of Nicole, her sky blue eyes gleaming and her blonde hair shining. The caption she had put along with the picture was “Off to the beach w/ Sophia tomoz, do u wanna come xx.” This confused James, why would Nicole go with Sophia, surely she would go with her family? Both him and Nicole live in Buckinghamshire, which was far from all the beaches in England, the nearest beach was in Hampshire, and that was a 2-hour drive south! James loved trips, but never liked the long drives there. James was quickly distracted by a Facebook message from his good friend Matt, who had saved James’ life a couple times in the past. James read the Facebook message from Matt; the message said “I’m going to the beach today, I am so excited!” James was surprised by this and replied with “Awesome, have a fab time there!” James peaked at his watch, it was 11:45 at night, and he decided to call it a day and went to bed, thinking about what to say back to Nicole on Snapchat.


James was rudely awoken from his slumber by his alarm clock, which had fallen of the end table in the process. James sighed and shook his head. James hurdled out of bed got dressed, he put on his hoodie he had received from his leavers day at school; he loved the Maroon colour of it. His iPod flashed, which prompted him that he needed to respond to Nicole’s Snapchat, he certainly would not be allowed to out-of-county without his mum’s permission! James walked into the living room, were he found his mother was, James kindly asked his mum if he could visit the beach with Nicole, his mother smiled and said, “of course, have fun!” James was overjoyed by the news. So he skipped happily back to his room to reply to Nicole’s Snapchat. James never liked his appearance, and as such never liked taking photos of his face. He opened Snapchat and took a photo of his thumb up, with the caption “Sure, sounds great! I’ll be at yours in a few!”


Chapter 2: The Trip

James swiftly jogged to Nicole’s house, which was only a few doors away from his house. James noticed an orange VW Beetle convertible outside of Nicole’s house; James was curious about who it belonged too.


James walked over to Nicole’s front door and rang the doorbell, James heard April, Nicole’s dog, barking followed by loud thumbs coming towards the door, Nicole politely opened the door with glee, she promptly invited James inside. James analysed Nicole’s outfit, she was sporting a peachy coloured summer dress and extremely fashionable sunglasses. Suddenly Lindsey, Nicole’s older sister and James’ friend came down the stairs. “Are you guys ready to go?” Lindsey exclaimed. James and Nicole promptly replied with a simple “yes.”


They absconded from Nicole’s house and paced towards the Beetle. “Of course!” James thought, “This is Lindsey’s car!”

As quick as a flash, they were on their way, Lindsey had put down the roof of the car so the fast breeze was felt upon everyone in the car. James checked the temperate on the car dash, it was 30 degrees and it was only 10 O’clock in the morning. Lindsey stopped to collect Sophia, Sophia greeted everyone and entered the car and afterwards, Lindsey zoomed off. James closed his eyes for what only felt like 30 minutes. When he opened them, Nicole informed James that he had actually fallen asleep and that had just passed Horsham. James viewed the surroundings and saw a sign saying, “Welcome to East Sussex!” James knew that they were heading for Brighton, one of the best seaside resorts in the UK!


Lindsey decided to pull into a motorway services, as she wanted to fill up on fuel. James’ iPod automatically connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot there, James’ iPod suddenly went “ping” informing him that he had a Facebook Message, he observed the iPod’s screen, it was from his from Bint, his friend from Saudi Arabia, Bint’s message read “Dear James, just to let you know, I am on my holiday in England” James was surprised by the news and replied with “Awesome, have fun!” James decided to check has news feed on Facebook, what he read kind of annoyed him, with all the statuses saying “Off to the beach!” These were from a lot of different people, sharing one thing in common; they all went to James’ school. “Tristan, James B, Tom and Eleesha too, Wow! What a coincidence!” James thought.


Lindsey left the services and pulled out onto the motorway, a sign informed them that the beach was only 10 minutes away. James couldn’t express his excitement! The car pulled into a car park, they had arrived at the beach, James could smell the salty sea and the fresh seaside air, James knew today was going too be amazing!


Chapter 3: The Shopping Centre

Lindsey dragged James, Nicole & Sophia through a very dated, shopping centre, which had very 80’s style wallpaper and carpet. This did not impress James, as they reached the opposite side, James saw someone who looked familiar; it was his friend, Matt! James ran over and jumped Matt, who was happy to see him. “Hi” James exclaimed. “Hello, James, I didn’t know you were going to the beach too!” Said Matt. Everyone agreed to Matt tagging along with them. James couldn’t believe that both of his best friends were with him at the same time!


The shopping centre came to an abrupt end as Nicole, Lindsey, James, Matt & Sophia stepped out onto the seafront, they sea breeze hitting them suddenly, which was pleasant. Lindsey bought everyone a rocket-shaped ice cream. “Look at those awesome coloured huts over there!” James exclaimed while pointing to some brightly coloured beach huts painted in pinks, reds, yellows and blues. Matt’s attention was drawn to a young woman wearing a royal blue Niqab and some funky sunglasses. The woman approached Matt and calmly said, “You look familiar, is your name Matt?” Matt nodded his head, quite confused. The woman went on to say “I’m Bint, yours and James’ friend from Saudi Arabia!” James suddenly ran up to Bint and gave her a hug, while saying “Oh my word! It’s Bint! So nice to finally meet you in person!” Bint smiled and said, “Nice to meet you in real life too, James” So, Bint tagged along with everyone else in the group.


Chapter 4: Beach Surprises

James, Bint, Nicole, Matt, Lindsey & Sophia stepped out onto the beach; it was like a tropical paradise, with little beach huts scattering across the sand. While the group of friends were passing a pink roofed hut, someone shouted “Hey, M!” James looked around, quite surprised; it was his friend, James B from school. James exclaimed “Okay, is there anyone else who I know on this beach today?” Right after that, a large group of people came from behind James, everyone in the group shared something in common, they all knew James. James would’ve fallen over in shock if it weren’t for Bint catching him. All the people that had posted statuses on Facebook about going to the beach were there, and other people James knew too; like his cousins, Amelia and Louis. Someone in the group happily said, “James, we booked the whole beach out for you because we felt like it!” James was very thankful but thought it was a bit overkill, James’ birthday wasn’t until December, nor had he achieved anything significant in the past month. Someone, who turned out to be James’ favourite teacher, Miss Bowen, emerged from the group with a tray of party drinks. Nicole excitedly said, “We knew all along, lets paaarty!” Music started playing out from nowhere, and all the people who weren’t known by James seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. Everyone was dancing, chatting, running in-and-out of the beach huts; someone even managed to get on top of a hut and sat on the roof! James was enjoying himself at the snack bar, when Bint approached him. She informed James that she had to leave early because she needed to go to prayer; James waved and watched Bint walk off in the distance, James decided too wander the beach and chat to his friends.


A small boy, who was wearing a propeller hat, a red and blue striped shirt with large buttons on it and blue trousers walked up to James and simply said, “Hi” and then “Hello.” The boy was holding a yellow balloon and a sign saying “Balloons!” James assumed he was giving out balloons, as he’d never seen the boy before. The ‘balloon’ boy gave James the yellow balloon and wandered off. The music suddenly stopped and a large foghorn sounded; what appeared to be a large cruise ship was parked at a nearby pier. People started to run towards it, so James followed. Miss Bowen said, “Hope you have fun on the party boat!” James was extremely confused, he thought this was way too over the top and was worried that the person who planned this may’ve paid too much money. A white ramp was lowered from the boat, allowing people to walk onto the boat. James looked around and suddenly everything became extremely blurred and very colourful, everything got very noisy too. There was a sudden fade into darkness.

Chapter 5: Waking Up

James woke up, in his bed, and wearing his pyjamas. James assumed he must’ve fainted at the party. James checked his iPod and noticed something very strange, the date on his iPod was set to 15 June 2015; James thought that his iPod got wet or something like that. James opened Snapchat, no notifications; James would’ve thought that Nicole had left some sign of what happened. James then checked Facebook, nothing. James checked the time; it was 8:45AM. James decided to pay Nicole a visit, so he got dressed and headed for Nicole’s house. Things started to get very strange, Nicole was leaving her house, in her school uniform, when it was August, wasn’t it? James ran up to Nicole and asked her why she was dressed for school, then things became very clear; Nicole informed that, it was June, and she was still going to school and that James was going insane. It was at that moment James realised, the beach was just a dream all along. James sighed and shook his head “That was the best dream ever” He whispered to himself.

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