Why are there so many atheists on the internet? Why are there so many atheists on YouTube? Why are there so many atheists? Why are there so many atheists on Reddit?

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This article gives an explanation as to why there is are an increase of atheists on the internet.

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



On the internet it isn't hard to come across an atheist and spotting them isn't hard either. The simple mention of the word God or the name Jesus is more than enough to throw them into a frenzy about why they hate religion or religious people and you'll discover quite quickly that they are hateful and intolerant people who think all religious people are blood thristy monsters. So the question is why does there seem to be a great amount of atheists on the internet and on sites like YouTube, Reddit and other social networks and forums? The answer is quite simple really. Atheism isn't growing as atheists would love to believe (it's still a small minority and thank God for that!) rather the internet serves as a gathering place for these atheists and because they're so small in numbers they try to make themselves seem large by being more outspoken.

The statistics actually show that atheism is quite small. Atheists - in a pathetic attempt to try and increase their numbers - like to include agnostics and non-religious people in their ranks but most agnostics depise being called atheists and there's a clear distinction too (case in point: Einstine - an agnostic - attacked atheism saying that atheists could be as fanatical and extreme as some religious believers and that he was angry that some labelled him as one of them even though he wasn't) and in the case of non-religious people, the name means exactly that: NON-RELIGIOUS which means they just aren't religious but could still believe in a god. The actor Keanu Reeves is an example of this. He called himself "non-religious" and suddenly atheists took to the internet listing him as one of them. Of course they stopped when he said he believed in God and The Devil.

Atheism, regardless of what the atheist says, is a religious belief. If it isn't and I'm wrong in comparing it to such then the extremist atheist has certainly made it into a religious belief due their fanatical devotion to it. Many atheists love to express the fact that they're atheist by using the word in their username on forums or by following atheist speakers such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and creating tributes to them on Facebook and YouTube. Now as a religious belief, atheists need to flock together to preach their hatred for religion together and the internet is the only place for them to truly gather and act as one governing body along with the atheist conventions. This is why there seems to be a great deal of atheists on the internet because it's mainly the only place where they can interact with like-minded individuals and attack religious people (who they have brain-washed themselves into thinking that they are evil). It's not odd to find atheists on religious forums or religious videos bashing them because they simply feel the need to voice the opinion that they can't in the physical world.

So there's nothing to worry about. Atheism isn't growing and certainly will never be a logical viewpoint. Ever.

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