Creepypasta: James the Killer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of Jeff and Jane the Killer's child...enjoy...

It was a dark night. The kind of night where you knew a storm would follow. My mother and I were constantly on the run. Not from the law but from a mad man...or better known as Jeff the Killer...or my father. How he became my father I am still unsure of but this I know the story of my birth. My mother Jane walks down the street as rain pours down upon her. "Damn it's cold". Shivering she takes shelter under the roof of a bus stop. As she enters she falls to her knees and vomits. She curled up against the wall un aware of the child she is bearing in her stomach...and what lied ahead for her. She tried to stand but when she did she fell into unconscience sleep. She awoke later in a white room. Her vision is blurred and she sees figures moving around the room. She can make out one figure to her right and she reaches out grabbed rough white cloth. She feels a force jerking away then a panic arises in the room people are shouting and moving faster. She looks down to where her stomach should be but all she sees is a dark shade of red. Her vision then settles and she sees hands reaching into her organs pulling out a small mass of red and pink. She screams and begins to panic and kick. A man rushes over trying to stick a needle into his arm but Jane is to fast she grabs it and stabs the needle hard into his shoulder then snapping it with a crack. Everyone in the room freezes and looks at her. She grabs at stomach and lets out a blood curtuling scream. She then faints from pain. An hour and a half later she wakes again this time slower than before she sits up and looks around the room. She goes to rub her eye but there is a restraint around her wrist. She tugs at it and struggles. Then in walks a nurse. Jane stops and looks over at the woman. "Hey! Who are you? Where am I?" The woman looks at Jane and a smile spreads across her face. "Ms. Arkensaw!" The woman rushes over to her side. She is beautiful with long flowing brown hair and bright green eyes. Jane recoils. "Oh I'm sorry! My name is Mady!" she stuck out her hand.

Jane reluctanly shook the womans hand. The woman winked at Jane with a smile and said "I'm a big fan!" Jane gave her a puzzled look. Mady smiled "Oh my apologies your still weary from your surgery. I'm sorry for what happened it must have been scary!" Jane pauses..."Why am I here?" Mady lightly squeezed Jane's hand "You baby. He's in the other room and I can't let you see him until some woman talks to you."   Jane's eyes widened full of fear "A baby?!!? What are you talking about?!"  Mady frowns "You didn't know? I'm sorry..." Silence fell "Well hey I watch him for yo-..." *Knock Knock* A woman walked in and Mady bolted up knocking over her chair. The woman looked at Jane with stirn eyes then rolls them "Another one of these too young mothers oh well..." She looks at Mady "Why are you still here?" Mady brushes off her nurse gown and rushes out the room "Goodbye Ms. Arkensaw...good luck!" *click* 

The woman picks up the chair and gazes at Jane "Now Ms. Arensawn right?" 

"Actually it's Arkensaw..."

"Whatever. Anyway I'm here to decide if you keep your kid or not."

"I don't understand for one I didn't know I even had a kid and two why are you deciding such things?" Jane crossed her arms and gave the woman a rebelious look.

The woman grins "Because you stabbed one of the doctors."

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

The woman stood up angrily "After you woke up from the anistetic you stabbed one of our doctor's thats what the binds are for! And two you were on the side of the road when a man found you!"

Jane slammed her wrist on the bed "Listen lady! I don't know who the fuck you are but gradually I don't care take the kid and if for even a moment you think your in power guess what your not!!!!" Jane snaps the binds off her wrists then smiles

The woman jumps back in shock "What? What the hell?!"

Jane smiles wickidly "You think that was enough to hold me down? Do you even know who your dealing with?"

The woman falls in submission "No please take the boy just don't hurt me!!!" 

Jane looks down at the woman "Heh...your pathetic..." She waves her hand and in an instant black flalmes apear and she transform into Mady "See you later..." Jane smashes a table on the womans head then leaves the room. She walks down the dark hallway "This place is huge!" She sees a sign that says "Infant room" She follows it and walks in. She sees over a hundred infants in little beds with names on them. She ducks back behind a doorway when she sees Mady walk past "Shit!" 

She peeks out and sees Mady holding a baby wrapped in blue "Hey lil guy! Shh...Mom will have you soon..." She looks down at the baby eyes full of tears "I promised I'd look after you...and I rest little one Mommy is coming soon..." Jane steps out "Mady?" 

Mady looks up "Ahhh!?!?!" 

Jane rushes over and puts her hand over Mady's mouth "Shhh It's me Jane look I need to get-..." Jane looks down at the blue bundle then lets go of Mady.

Mady smiles "Uhm this is your son...Jane...I know who you are...and tests's Jeff's son I'm sorry."

Jane's eyes widen "How do you know him? You a friend huh?!" 

"Shush!!! No i'm not but if you yell they'll catch" she hands the bundle to Jane "Take him and go! Please."

Jane pauses and looks down at the bundle then reluctantly picks it up. The baby instantly starts to cry "Umm..."

"Here lemme help you" Mady re-adjusts the baby and it falls back asleep

"Why are you doing this Mady?"

She sighs "You need to avenge your family's go...kill Jeff the Killer..." Mady hugs Jane then points to a door that says exit. "When that door opens an alarm will go off and there will be a panic so go giving you enough time to flee." 

Jane nods "Thank you."

Mady runs over to the door "Take the stairs to the 2nd floor then you should be able to jump out the window."

Jane runs out the door and an alarm goes lights flash and infant cry aloud...Jane jumps out the window and escapes...


But now here I am...all grown up draped over my mother's I got to this well that's a new story...but if your willing I'll tell you.


To Be Continued In James The Killer pt.2







Submitted: December 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 IlluminousForeShadow. All rights reserved.

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