James the Killer pt. 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

After Jeff set James free from the police. Now it's James' birthday and he feels he should visit his mother...

It's been three years now...since my encounter with my father...tomorrow is my birthday...and I'm headed to Detroit as a gift I to myself. I'm visiting my mother's grave...Right now though I'm passing through Missouri and I think I should go visit Madyson but I'm a little scared to because well I'm wanted by the law, and if I get caught me and any others caught with me will be sentenced to the electric chair...I can't do that to her but...I know she would want to know that I'm safe so...I'll figure it out when I get there...
I still hate Jeff...And when my birthday is over I will kill him but for now let me tell you more of what happens in the mean time...

I walked down the street and past the old skate park. I shuddered to see the ramp that me and Annie used to sit on. I was still curious as to what happend to her after three years. I figured Mady would know...I walked up the stone path, hood up, I peeked through the window and I saw her there sitting on the couch sipping cocoa with a box of tissues by her and...the small recliner chair I sat on with a cup of cocoa in the cup holder...I started to tear up at the thought that she was like this for the last few years. I knocked on the door and she flinched looking to the door "Who is it?" she stood up grumbling "At this hour!" She opened the door looking at me squinting trying to see my face through the shade of my hood. "Who are you?"
I pulled my hood back and her eyes wide she teared up and squeezed me.
"James! Oh god James! Where were you I was so worried!"
I hugged back "Jeff...the day I was taken he showed up and stabbed the cop...setting me free..."
She pulled me in and shut the door. Embarrassed she moved the cocoa mug and told me to sit.
I sat down and she got me fresh cocoa.
She sat next to me. "Why are you here now though?"
"Well maybe you don't remember but it's my birthday..."
"Huh? I thought it was tomorrow." She smiled
"What? Yeah it is! How did you-"
"Remember? Come on you're my nephew how could I forget?"
I hugged her again "Oh!" I pulled away
"I know it was last month but...Happy Birthday Mady." I pulled a small box out of my pocket and gave it to her.
Her eyes widened and she opened it revealing a silver necklace with a blue jewel in the middle.
"Oh James...you didn't have to...the best present you could ever give me is your presence right here and now..."
I smiled and put my hand on hers "I never left you."
Her eyes bubbled up and she put her head on my shoulder crying into my sleeve. I rubbed her shoulder and placed my head on hers crying as well. She put the necklace on and looked at me "How do I look?"
"Good. Really good."
"Hands off tiger I have a boyfriend!"
There was silence then we broke out into laughter.
"Wait...boyfriend? You? How?!"
She puffed up. "What'dya mean how?! I'm not that ugly!"
"Heh...True but you're crazy!"
"Uh! You jerk!" She crossed her arms.
I stood up and placed my hand on her shoulder. "All jokes aside I'm happy you found love...that you're happy...please Mady...when I leave...move on past me and start a family...start a life. A new one. That's the only gift that you could give me."
Her eyes widened "Leave? You're not staying?...Don't leave me again!!!"
She hugged me and I fell back with her on the couch she sat up on my chest and squeezed my cheeks touching heads, squeezing her eyes shut and sobbing "Please James I can't loose you again!"
I sat up and caressed her cheek "Hey...Don't cry ok...You didn't forget already did you?"
She looked up. "Forget what?"
"I never left you...I'm always next to you..."
She frowned and her eyes slanted welling up.
I smiled "Aw c'mon Mady don't look at me like that! I'm never gonna leave you ok!...Now let's forget about this for a while and watch tv for a bit..."
She layed next to me head on my shoulder. "Ok..."
"By the way...what ever became of Annie?"
Mady looked at me. "James...she's dead."
I looked away holding back tears gasping.
She sat up and held me "Shhh...it was a long time ago...she commit suicide...I tried to stop her but...she ran off the roof...and..."
Her voice cracked at the end and she slumped back.
I sat up and wiped my tears. "No matter...nothing is going to ruin the time I have with you now..."

She smiled slightly and sat in that weird way she does with her legs folded in an odd manner.
I leaned back hands behind my head. We sat there watching tv and sipping cocoa for a while.
She looked at me when I stood up. "You'll visit right?"
I stopped at the door. "No...I'm sorry Mady...this is it."
She bolted at me hugging me from behind. "Jamie!"
I turned around and kissed her on the head. "But I'm not really leaving you...because I'll always be with you...in you heart I will always stay." I pointed to the heart shaped pendant I gave her and turned to leave.

She hand one hand on the door frame and called out. "I love you Jamie! Always! And I'll wait for you even if it takes forever...I'll wait for you..." I left not even looking back.
I walked past Annie house and visions appeared of us running around her yard and I passed the skate park again and I felt like I could see our lives together playing out in the most surreal way...ending...on our first kiss.
I took the bus to Detroit and I ended up falling asleep...when I awoke when a man nudged me. "Hey kid end of the line."
I got up and got off the bus. I stopped at a flower shop and bought a single daffodil, my mom's favorite. I went down to the cemetery and I walked past all the graves making my way to hers. It was at the very end in the corner under a weeping willow tree.

I slumped to my knees when I read her name (Jane Arkensaw 1986-2009 beloved mother)
I cried as it began to rain on us. "Mom...I'm sorry I haven't visit you in a while...It's been tough without you...I met dad...he really is ugly heh...I've been traveling a lot and I was even in love for a while just like you'd want...but...I miss you ya know..." I put my hands on the ground and tears spilled out of my eyes, I sobbed trying to catch my breath. I put one hand on her grave and forced my head up. The world felt heavy and it felt like gravity was holding me down, only gravity was actually over whelming emotion...I looked at the name engraved (Jane Arkensaw) I scanned it and wiping my tears I noticed a flower vase with old flowers in it.
I examined it and stood up placing the daffodil on her grave. I turned around when to my surprise a man stood there surprised wearing a white hood tied around his waist and a black long sleeve shirt. I looked up at him and realized who it was...Jeff.
I grabbed him and swung him hard to the ground punching him in the jaw several times. He kicked me off "James! Stop!"

I charged at him swinging a fist. "Why should I you prick?! You killed her!" He grabbed my arm twisting it behind my back.
"Just...stop..." To my surprise he hugged me when I turned around.
I pushed away slowly. "Dad- I mean Jeff...I...you...you fucking killed her!"
He looked at me sheepishly "Yeah...I did...but the reason for my doing so...dates back to far before you were born. We...we were enemies. And...I lost control...I didn't even know you were there." 

"But you grabbed me..."

"Hostage...I didn't know that it was you in particular...and I didn't know she was your mother...and I was your father."
He walked past me taking out the old flowers and putting in new ones.
"You...you put those there?"

"Yeah...I'm really complicated James one thing you should know..."

"Still...you killed her. And personally I don't give a rats ass what your excuses are the fact remains that you're a theif! You stole my mother from me...and I'm afraid you're going to have to pay." I pulled out my mothers knife and swung it at him.
He ducked pulling out a knife of his own. "I don't want to hurt you James...but...I will if I have to."
I brought the knife into a fighting stance. "I guess you're just gonna have to hurt me then."
He smirked. "You sound just like her."
I swiped at him, he dodged slicing my shoulder, I returned a blow to the ribs. He stumbled, I took advantage and grabbed him, both of us falling over a grave stone I got on top of him choking him. He punched me in the chest and kicked me off. I stood catching my breath while he gave out a hoarse cough. I picked up the knife and we swung at each other knives both colliding sending sparks. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it hearing a small crack. He jolted back and kicked me in the stomach. I ran at him without a break I swung relentlessly delivering blows with the knife. He tried keeping up but I kept on going until we both fell over the railing and down the hill. I got up shaking and looked around for the knife. I found it in the grass, but he grabbed my hair jerking it back, knife to my throat. I looked up and his eyes were literally red like no joke! I headbutt him in the crotch and he let me go. He staggered for a moment but was on me again this time I had to keep up. I fell back and he got on me choking me this time. My knife was out of reach. I struggled to find something. Quickly I picked up a brick and whacked him in the temple sending him hard to the ground. I turned and ran into an abandoned building to hide. Shaking I took cover behind a crate. I picked up a hammer and peeked out at the door way. He stummbled in holding his head, but...he was smiling..."Little pig, little pig...you can run..." he dissapeared out of sight then I turned and screamed to see he was gazing at me. We were centimeters from eachother, he cocked his head. "But you can't hide!" He grabbed my arms twisting my wrist breaking it I screamed in pain and hit him in the head with the hammer. He fell back, and I ran to the elevator going up to the roof. I backed up and puked on the floor crying. I looked back and to my horror he stood there blood pouring from his head...smiling. He ran at me grabbing the cuff of my shirt and slamming me against the wall. I struggled as he held me up by the throat, pulling out a knife. I kicked him in the face and he dropped me. I grabbed the knife out of his hand and stummbling I threw it over the gate on the roof. He looked at me smiling. "I don't need that to kill you..." He ran at me grabbing me holding my throat crushing it. I struggled. I punched him multiple times but he never wavered. I then jabbed him in the eyes and he dropped me screaming. I fell coughing up blood. I grabbed him punching him I was light headed and saw flashes of my mother in my head. Her smiling. Us dancing in the living room and her spinning me around when I was little...then hugging me and the world around me felt so serene. I cried and with every blow a new image appeared. Then out of breath I stood up weakly holding him up. I shoved him against the gate. He slumped looking at me half alive. He stood up and grabbed me pulling me in for a hug. I sobbed and grabbed him by the shirt and threw him at the gate. He fell back. Then charged at me flipping me back and throwing me on the gate it bent. He got on top of me punching me and the gate slid out of place and was ready to cave in. so quickly I used a move my mother taught me. I grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the stomach flipping him over me as the gate fell. I grabbed the edge of the roof struggling to hold on. I pulled myself up with one arm screaming in pain I fell over to the other side. I sat up and cried for a while before getting up and leaving the building. I walked out and saw him there implaled on the fence his eyes indicated he was dead. I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. I brought him the the cemetary and on my hands and knees I dug a hole with a shovel I found, next to Mom's grave I dug. I placed him in carefully. I picked up a stone and with my mother's knife I carved in (Jeffry Woods 1985-2013). The rain stopped. And limping I left their graves and made my way into the forest...



Submitted: December 20, 2014

© Copyright 2022 IlluminousForeShadow. All rights reserved.

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so sad! you are a very good wrighter! i almost collided with the screen the intensity of the fight was amazing! i would have cried hadnt i been in school! please keep wrighting!

Thu, March 12th, 2015 7:00pm

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