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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

White is everywhere...

White...the room...it's nothing but white.
I awoke in my room and all was white like usual.
The food was slipped under the door like usual.
And I ate it like usual.
All went as it went on an average day.
I am still un aware as to how I got here or where here even is...yet I go through the day the same way over and over...one could say this would drive you mad yet...I find a strange peace in it all.
Even though the food tasted awful and my room was always cold...I still find peace.
I spend my day usually looking around, and when I get cold I rock myself in the corner of my bed.
I often ponder what the small black box of glass at the top left corner of my room is...I went up to touch it once.
I saw it as a threat up there watching me as it did not answering when I asked it why!
I went to rip it off the wall so that it cannot watch me anymore when small holes in the wall started breathing and I suddenly got sleepy.
I awoke feeling weary and I was chained to the bed. 
Though I was and move I could not I felt peace...I lay there and looked at the glass box as it did me.
I fell asleep after a time and when I awoke again the food slid through the door and the chains were gone.

Now I am back on pace...
Here I am walking now thinking of what to do...
When I heard a very loud sound echo from behind my door.
I ducked down cowering by my bed.
I heard the noise again it sounded like a very rusty door creaking ever so loudly only it sounded like a human sound.
I begged the glass box to make the noise stop I threw things around the room hoping the box would make the sounds stop.
They echoed in the room all distorted and wavey now it was more than one but all together they spun in my head like bees.
I grabbed the glass box off of the wall and threw it at the wall making glass and black plastic fly everywhere "You can watch me no more!" I yelled.
To my realization I had broken it and I smacked myself for being so stupid!
The noise grew progressivly louder, "I've upset the box!" I said jumping on my bed and rocking in the corner hoping the rocking would sooth me as it always did...but to no avail...now I heard a slamming on the door like the banging of a hammer and the small window was corvered in a new color...it wasn't white like my room or black like the box...it was new and it was a threat.
I pressed forward to examine the color, but then I felt something sharp at my feet and the new color spread from my feet along with a stinging pain! "A threat! I knew it!" I said running back to my bed.
The noises hurt my head and I felt a banging in my head much like the one from the door.
I heard shouts and slams of all sorts. I looked around again and waled over to the door avoiding the color from the floor.
I looked through the window and saw creatures running past I backed away slightly in fear of them seeing me!
I ducked down and picked up a piece of glass as a weapon to protect myself...but to my horror...I looked at the glass and held it up to my face seeing a reflection of a creature...then I realized I was looking at myself...those creatures in the white jackets were others like me...I banged on the door begging to join them as they ran to the exit into the unknown world! I stepped back when the sounds silenced...I jumped on my bed crying...I missed my chance to join my brothers...the others like me...I fell asleep.
When I awoke there was no food...but...the door was wide open.








Submitted: December 11, 2014

© Copyright 2022 IlluminousForeShadow. All rights reserved.

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Hi this avery good and interesting read that I have shared on twitter. I was wondering if you would like to look at my start to a novel/story. Thank you.

Thu, December 11th, 2014 11:18pm


Hey thanks Merrykieran2 I'll try checking your novel out when I can I'm awful busy but I'll see what I can do. P.s Check out my James the Killer series if your into creepypasta's then you'll love it!

Fri, December 12th, 2014 4:07am

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