The Third Eon

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This is the beginning of my first short story. It may seam confusing in the beginning but the rest will reveal the truth.

Submitted: June 26, 2009

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Submitted: June 26, 2009



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A one version story is no more than a myth. Just like branches scattered on the water surface, every story has at least two sides: one we can see, the other, hidden behind the illusion of life. Our water is dark, darker than a moonless night, and so our vision. Blinded by our own sins, we created our betrayal. “Even for a traitor, stand by no more, for you are the saver, my son Delmor”: Thus the prophecy of the old legend. A legend older than our own existence. It speaks of the last day, when our time will stop. With our empty boxes, we have no choice but to wait for Delmor.


It all started in the jungle, back when I was young, when I found him. I spent countless years looking into it and I found the answer at last. Well pardon my lack of manner. I forget to present my self: I’m an archaeologist. My name isn’t important for you to know right now. What really matter is the story I’m about to tell you. As I said, it started years ago, back when I was in a jungle discovering lost civilizations. Due to my negligence, I’ve got separated from the team. And since I had no sense of orientation, I easily found my self lost in the middle of no where. That moment, I found him: A rotten body.


He died years ago so I could barely recognize him. Some things caught my attention: first, the card on his chest. It was covered with a black matter, may be, it was his blood. Incapable of reading what was written in it, I could only decipher tow letters: “Pr…” Was he a professor? Later on I found out that he was indeed one, but it is not yet time for that. Any way, he was holding bag tightly. I hardly managed to take it from him. Inside it, I found a strange object; an electronic card? No it was thicker with some characters engraved on it. The answer to all my questions was sealed within it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something I discovered right away. Yet what choked me the most was a message he wrote on the tree. It caught both my attention and my curiosity. The one that got me involved in to all of this. I sure didn’t understand it back then and I wish I did: “we took it from humans”. I didn’t know who humans are or what the thing they took was. Yet I knew one thing: it wasn’t a joke; it was a serious matter that I had to look into. Of course I can not tell what was in my discovery, but I will… I promise.


Wait, wait a second … I’m not making much sense here. Well allow me to explain it differently, may be, in an easy way: we are a different race called Elms. ELMORIA is our world. And we live by time, literally. Up in the sky, above the clouds there is a huge factory witch sends us time every morning in order to live with it. Believe it or not, it is packed in a small box … One day and for an unknown reason it stopped. This is where our story begins, and ends actually.


What I’m about to tell you isn’t just one story, its five. And some of them had different versions just like this first one. I know It’s a lot but bare it with me, in the end you won’t be deceived. I think time hasn’t come yet to understand why I am doing so, but soon you’ll understand everything believe me. Lot of things has to be told and wasting time isn’t an option. So let us start with the first story.

Part 1: The first side.


Clem’s letter


There was a French girl called Clemence, a poor one. Because she had no time she was petrified just like everyone. The wired thing is: Among all Elms only one wasn’t affected. His name was Delmor, a very rich boy. May be, he had more then he needed, may be he wasn’t using much of his time. They happened to be studying in the same university: Smen Niva. She was petrified due to the loss of her time, and he was free. Thus how he met her for the first time, and probably the last.


Even though she was poor, Clem’s heart was strong. She had her own beliefs and she fought with all she had. Still she had one thing about her that made others get away from her: She was talking to “humans”. She had a blog in which she wrote dozens of letters, articles and interview. It was obvious that the content wasn’t destined for Elms. A sentence she always wrote in the beginning of every article was the proof; even the blog’s name was the same: “To humans.”


 I know it may sound strange for you but let me explain it; in our word, “humans” is a rare term used by few. I myself didn’t know about it until lately. It is believed that there was a time when Elmora was on the verge of destruction. Some say that it was caused by an unknown species; other thought that it was their will that saved it. After that incident, they vanished leaving no trace. They were later called “humans” a derivation from the world “hamiarn”; an ancient term which literally means: “Elmora’s being”.


I my not be much of a story teller myself but I believe that their story mustn’t be forgotten. That’s why you should hear the tow sides of that story, and in the end, only you can judge. First of all let us start with Clem’s version, well girls fist that what they say. To tell you the truth it all started with her. When I was searching the term “humans” I found a strange letter on a blog. After I red it, curiosity was eating me. I wasn’t sure to whom that letter was written but one thing is certain, it got me in one hell of a mess. I couldn’t stop searching. Then I found it, the truth behind that day .but let’s not jump to any conclusions. You should read the letter first and then I’ll tell you the rest of the story.


 “I may be insane but I know for sure what he did. How should I feel? Why should I cry? It was for my sake wasn’t it? ...Why? Why didn’t you tell me? Delmor.”Sorry I may be over whelmed with emotions .I think I should start from the beginning. May be then you’ll understand why I feel so... May be then you’ll give me an answer…


From time to time, I hear that voice whispering a song, so strange, so familiar. He used to sing it all the time but I never knew why. You may consider time a complicated concept.You spend most of your life trying to explain it, but in the end you’re wasting it more an more.


From where I came time is different, even its nature is different. I would like to tell you a story but I’m afraid that my words may not find the proper place to land in. still I’ll tell it any way, perhaps I’ll find an answer.


Our world is no different than yours; we are as ordinary as you are humans, except one single point: “time”. It is a material object that belongs to each and every one of us. Every day we wake up to find a tiny box which contain the time of a day. We used it so much that we forgot to name it. We never talked about it. And in the rare occasion where we want to identify it, we use the term: “the box of time”.


You may wonder: “where this box did come from?” We do not ask such meaningless questions. All you have to know is that up in the sky, a factory exists. So big, so perfect that it can handle daily the time of each and every one on Elmoria. We believed in it blindly that we didn’t even bother asking the simplest question: “what would have happened if it stopped?” The idea of the factory stop working was impossible even to imagine. But what we didn’t know was that one day, it will stop. The day when every thing started, the same day it ended. That day, fear found its way to the deepest part of the heart. So dark that it became a terror that haunted every one’s mind. Or should I say almost everyone.


His name was Delmor; you can say that I wasn’t even close to him. I always saw him sitting in that place, talking to no one. He was talking to himself that I almost believed he was haunted by a demon. I have to admit, it was a little bit creepy. With all the rumors about him, no one ever came close to him. He wasn’t using much of his time, well, I’ve never saw him opening his box. May be he was using the minimum, and keeping the rest in his box. One thing for sure, he lived a difficult experience. He refused not only to talk about it, but to talk to any one around him.


It was always like this, until that cursed day. An event witch pushed our savage nature to appear under the sun light. When they started to realize that time was missing that day, each and every Elmian started his own quest to find it. Using what ever mean necessary. Sadly, it was too late. Every thing stopped. Silence and darkness rained over the grieving world. Yet Delmor had a different opinion: “finally, he screamed loudly… I am alone, I am free”. For him, it was like an Eldorado, paradise on earth. He was free to do anything. He was jumping and jumping from joy. It was time to release all of his barren desires. He opened his box and start emptying it little by little. He was running every where as creasy as his could. It was total liberty.


Just when I thought I’m done for it, he found me. He was drunk with happiness, and I was petrified, isolated in the darkness. Not only those caused by the lack of time, but also of despair. So profound that my last issue was a mere letter which never arrived to it’s destination. Since the day I want to deliver it was the only day I had no time. I was there petrified by my own sorrow, thus how he found me.


At first glance, he was indifferent. While he was passing by, his foot did hit something on the ground: a recorder, the one with which I was collecting interviews for my Blog. He pressed the play button and started listening: it was that one I made about time itself. I was walking around asking Elmians their point of view about one question: “what should you do if you had unlimited amount of time?” The answers I’ve got were as I expected; everyone wanted to fulfill a specific desire. I thought that Delmor wouldn’t be interested in it yet I was wrong. One of the messages had a deep impact on him. He stopped the tape and looked down with a grieving expression on his face. I didn’t get it; the message was: “I always wanted to spend more time with her” what was he upset about? After a short moment, he came to his senses. He putted the recorder in its place and continued his initial way. But seeing the letter in my hand he stopped, he came close to me, took it and started reading it. A smile showed on his face, a feeling that soon turned in to a surprised face when he looked at my face. He turned his head around: it was every where… our bodies started vanishing, slowly but inevitably. He checked his box and then looked to the sky. He hadn’t much time, not even enough to save him self. At that precise instant, he took a decision. A decision which price was far beyond his reach.


Come close to me, and stay by my side


My dearest child, come close to me

Sing in the wild, sleep next to me

Denied of sense my words may seem

Still they’re tense like no sweet dream

From above we came do not forget

No one to blame happy you’ll get 


My dearest child, come close to me

Wait and wait then look for me

Now you shall be the greatest knight

Perhaps maybe holding the light

Giving your life for the sake of hope

Stabbed with a knife hold on to the rope

Don’t be late, yours to bare

It’s my faith you will share


My dearest child, come close to me

Talk to the wind, just believe in me

Oh mighty god who cares for me

Look after him soon I’ll be gone

Dark will rise and take me in

So sleep my child, oh please don’t cry


Even for a traitor stand by no more

For you are the saver my son Delmor

My dearest child, come close to me

The word is tight come close to me


He was singing this poem while he was writing something on the back of my letter. Then, he putted it on the ground. He took few steps back while holding the box on his forehead. Suddenly, a bright light came out of his body. It went straight forward to the sky. It was so strong that every thing became pure white. A silence so profound announced the rain. Glowing hopes were coming from haven. It was boxes, our boxes falling from the sky. Every one received his and the world became normal again. Except Delmor; he disappeared …forever. But the most tragic thing about this story is yet to come: Not only did his body disappear, but also his memories were missing from the mind of Elmians. No one ever recalled him, like he never existed.


How did I know about it? Why didn’t I forget him like every one else? It’s because I had him in me. When I touched his letter I saw it, a part of his memory. I was the only one who didn’t forget Delmor’s sacrifice. The real question that remains is: “Why am I telling you this story?” Let’s just say that I have a question that was hunting me ever since: “why did he sacrificed him self? Was it for my letter? Was it for me?”


One last thing, behind the letter I found these words: “pain isn’t a feeling you get when watching helplessly a dear person suffer; the real pain is to be betrayed by one’s own teaching.””


Delmor Sacrificed him self to save all Elms. She was the only one to know about it, even though she didn’t know neither how nor why he did it. At least, that’s what she thought.

This was the contents of that letter. And about the other one Clemence wrote, well it was in French. I know it is not convenient to put it her the way I found it, but I’m not much of a translator. Any way I’ll do my best:

Astre lumineux de mes nuits éternelles

Ce jour odieux témoin d’une vérité rebelle

Ou je t’appelle sans cesse m’accrochant à ta tresse

Noire et rêche, toisant cette envie qui me presse


Tu me guettes, tâtant ce corps dans l’usure

Souffrants en sanglots d’une cruelle blessure

Saignant en rouge et pleurant du noir

Couleurs de tes yeux et faiblesses de mes soirs

Et ce fleuve figé qui coule dans mes veines

Stagne que je m’y baigne, comme dans Paris, la Seine

Je l’entends qui coule en moi tel un sombre malheur

Un artisan qu’est de mon chagrin le faiseur


J’arrose de tes larmes les miennes et encore

Je te peuple, faisant ta faune et ta flore

Et dans ton cœur, à jamais, je grave mon nom

Cet amour orphelin, je le veux fort, je le veux long

Sous terre enseveli mais toujours respirant

Et pour qu’il survive, tes regards suffiront


Hélas ! Ce paysage morne, trop vil à mon gout

Ecœure une dignité qui dans ma gorge se noue

J’arrive sur ce cœur épris qui ne me voit point

Et sans prélude je l’étouffe avec soin

Sauvagement, le voir mourir en désespoir

Cet amour, cette vertu que tu n’as su voir.


In the beginning, she speaks of here condition; she’s some how in a deep sadness. And you can guess that it was caused by a one side love. The boy wasn’t giving here much attention if you get the picture. It’s a beautiful poem and I didn’t want to ruin it by translating it.


Well before we move to the other version of the story, Delmor’s version, there is something you should know, consider it as the second story if you want to. It’s kind of the back ground story .you may not see the relation right away but believe me, it is all connected. In order to pierce that connection, let us focus on an old legend known by few people .not because they couldn’t remember it, but simply… they didn’t want to. Soon you’ll understand why.


What I’m about to tell is about to tell you is part of an old book I came across during my researches. It was later that I found the true value of that book. It is an old manuscript which belongs to an old religion. While I was reading it, I discovered a forgotten civilization, along with their religion. At first glance I thought it’s just other beliefs created to satisfy the need to believe in something, but believe it or not it was more than just a fairy tall for children.


Well enough of me talking about my self, I think it’s time we discovered that book: the mythology behind ELMORIA’s creation.

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