Jimmy the Copyright Boy

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Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jimmy. He liked to take everyone´s work and make money off of it. His family didn´t care about what he did until the police came to his house.

¨Do you know what copyright is, Jimmy?¨ the cop said.

¨No. What is it?¨ Jimmy replied.

¨Copyright is the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.´´

¨Woah! I didn't know that,¨ Jimmy replied.

¨If you were to use it for your own personal use, you would not get in trouble," the cop said. "This would be fair use."

"I don't care!" Jimmy shouted. "I'm running away!"

That night, Jimmy ran away. He lived under a bridge for 69 days. He became best friends with a rat named Big Joe and a mouse named Little Joe. Eventually, Jimmy left the bridge and traveled across the country.

Jimmy was wandering a lonely road in Kentucky when he saw strange light in the distance. When he arrived at the source of the light and there was a sign. The sign said "Become a villain Jimmy and destroy the world of copyright."

Jimmy was convinced so he ran to some place over the hills and far away.

The next day, Jimmy arrived at a large cave. When he went in it, there was a man with a red cape. He said "Welcome to my cave Jimmy. Here you will learn how to become the Copyright Boy! You'll steal people's work and claim it as your's!"

"Ok, sure. Why not," Jimmy replied.

Jimmy followed the man to another room and there was a costume with the letters "CB" for Copyright Boy. Jimmy put the mythical costume on. There was a large power surge in his body. He was becoming the Copyright Boy! Jimmy flew out of the cave and started to take people's work. At the end of the year, Jimmy had taken thousands of works from artists around the world.

Jimmy was wanted by police around the world but he didn't care. He would continue to take people's work. But sadly, his heart could not handle the pressure anymore. Jimmy turned himself in. The Copyright Boy was no more.

Because of his actions, Jimmy was sent to prison. Also he had to pay millions of dollars in damage for the work he stole. Jimmy was stuck in prison for the rest of his life. Eventually, he died.



P.S. This is why you don't steal stuff! :)

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