The Lost Race

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A robot named terboid is on a tour of earth when his tour guide leaves him behind for science.

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013



I stepped out of the shuttle and landed on a soft green surface, id never seen this before back on Omega 3. “This is grass, we are not sure how it originated but its found almost everywhere in Earth, you will find a lot of unusual substances on Earth, Do not touch them as they can ruin your mainframe” Said Tour bot. “OK ill try to avoid them” replied Terboid.

“The first thing you will be visiting is one of earths ancient forests, the amazon”. Tour bot directed me over to a clean gray surface. He clicked a button on his rusted arm and I was teleported to an area with a cyan green sky. “This is a rain forest, Rain is water that falls from the sky, we are not sure how this occurs but our science bots are working on figuring it out” “We have tracked ancient robots or something like us that used to live here”. “You now have a little time for self exploration, remember don’t go to far out.”

I rolled along the ground until I reached a tree. These weren’t just any trees, these trees were half the size of the ones back in Omega 3.Everything was weird here, I could sense something wasn’t right. “Come one now, back to the portal” I wondered back to the portal. “Next we will visit the mysterious desert of earth, just step on the grey and we will teleport you over” 

I flashed into a yellow area, the floors looked just like cobalt sand back on Omega 3. “This place is known as Egypt, the pyramids to the left were said to have been built by ancient robots. But were not sure whether it was defiantly or not” The pyramids looked like giant hills of yellow sand. Nothing compared to some of the things I’ve seen. 

Meanwhile little grains of sands were hitting my shiny robot legs. I turned around to see what was there. Some kind of creature was there. It was throwing sand at me. “Arrrrr” i screamed “Its an alien!” “Nonsense” replied Tourbot. He walked closer to the creature. “Oh my, this is the first time i have seen this. Its a human” “Humans are said to have lived on earth long ago, we were convinced they had died off. The so called human was standing there, its eyes staring at me! “This is magnificent you must help me take it back to the ship, Your 2000 credits will be refunded!”

I agreed and helped Tourbot take it back to the portal. Tour bot told me to stand back on the grey plate. Then flash, i was teleported. I appeared in a giant lake of water. I stayed there for a while before i saw a shuttle fly up back into the universe. I guess science was more important then some crummy robot from Omega 3.

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