The New Ending

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Wht if Bella chose Jacob? What would Edward do?

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



I stood in the cold, icy wind lost in thought. I had a decission to make.

Edward, my overly protective, nurturing vampire and Jacob, the fun loving, werewolf best friend who I fell in love with. They both wanted me at their side forever but who would I choose? I loved them both so much that it hurt. Then I realized who I really wanted. The one that had stood by me no matter what. I ran through the forest falling down so many times along the way I couldn't een count.

Finally I crashed through the bushes into my back yard. I looked down 'great' I'd torn my new jeans and I had blood flowing freely down my leg. In my rush to get to my truck I didn't even notice the gash I'd obtained on my left knee. But I didn't care. Shrugging I ran and surprisingly I didn't fall down. Startled I jumped when the old chevy came to life with an unhealthy growl then grumbling to myself I drove off towards my futer. I soon pulled down the the driveway and I quickly cut the engine and ran up the drive I opened my mouth and yelled out hus name. \"JACOB!!!!\" I hear crash coming from the garage followed by a curse. Gasping I srode toward the rad building. \"Jake?\" I turned the corner and smiled at the sight. Jacob lay down dazed under a pile of massive car parts. So big that it would have crushed a human but Jacob wasn't human, he was a werewolf. My werewolf. \"Bella?\" Jake sat up and I laughed at the look on his face. Eyes wide he gaped at me. I wasn't surprised, just last night I had hit him -breaking my hand along the way- for kissing me. I smiled and stepped forward. By now he'd managed to stand up and I took his face in my hands and whispered the three deadly words. \"I choose you.\" He gasped. \"Really?\" \"Yes, I love you Jacob and I want to be with you forever. Plus you never left me.\" I smiled and liting up onto my toe I kissed him. Our first real kiss. \"Now I have to tell Edward.\"

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