The Strength of the Waves

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The waves are a lot stronger than you think...

Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012




*The Strength of The Waves*

A girl just came face to face with her biggest weakness.
The only thing she has to help her find her strength...
Is the beach.

the woman drives to the beach
and doesn't stop until she gets there. 

She walks through the sand
until her feet step into the water. 

She tilts her head back and holds out her arms. 
Her eyes stay closed with wind blowing in her hair.

She begins to lose herself in the wind. 
There was just one thing that she didn't know...
It was low tide. 

As the woman is still lost in the wind,
two 50 foot wave came speeding towards her. 

The sound of the waves made   her lose herself even more. 
She opened her eyes, but it was too late. 

The waves came down on her like   snow during a blizzard. 
The strength of the waves knocked her out. 

The waves washed  the woman 50 feet back to shore. 
But it didn't seem that way to the woman.

That's not what the woman was seeing.
She wasn't seeing herself being sucked into a wave. 

She didn't see herself being taken back to shore by a big wave. 
What she really was seeing was her weakness.

She saw herself becoming a superhero. 
A superhero that could do anything. 

The woman's super power was to overcome anything. 
The woman threw fire from her hands. 

Her weakness was then burned into nothing but ashes. 
the woman laughed and blew into the ashes. 

Her weakness was no longer alive.
the woman laughed as if she was an evil villain. 

The strength of the waves knocked her back to life.
The woman opened her eyes and saw nothing but the skies. 

A feeling washed all over her like jumping out of an airplane,
and landing into an ocean below. 

The woman shook her head and slowly got back on her feet. 
She looked around and wondered why she was at the beach. 

Then something came into her mind.
Why she was at the beach and what happened. 

She was there because she needed to calm herself. 
She saw herself overcoming her weakness. 

The woman then realized something. 
There really is no such thing as weaknesses. 

No matter what happens,
you can always turn to your inner strength.

Your inner strength will always be there. 
It can be their to guide you to make something of yourself. 

We all say we have weaknesses but are they really? 
Or are they just something that we believe is a weakness? 

There is no such thing as weak,
as long as we stay strong. 


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