Memories One Direction Love Story Chapter 1

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Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013




Jane'sPOV ;
I woke up at 2am excited,knowing we were going to Miami soon "Girls wake up! It's time to go to Miami!" They Jumped up from the bed and ran to change.Once i was done i took my 1D posters off the wall and put them in my suitcase."Hey time to leave this trashy place Jane" I heard someone say from the doorway." I'm gonna miss all the memories we had here." I whispered as i turned around to see Julissa. When we arrived at the airport it was just 2:30 but our flight left at 2:45.''Are you guys ready to trash Miami?" I Heard Julissa in a sassy voice. Jazmine Laughed and gave Julissa a high five.Once they announced that our flight was leaving we grabbed our backpacks and headed into the plane.The girls and I were so tired,we dozed off into a deep sleep."We are arriving in 5minutes." I woke up to the voice and waited for our limo to get to gate 5."Hey look theres a cute boy over there!"I heard Julissa yell to Jazmine. I'm no where in their conversation..I guess i'm missing home already.hopefully when we get home i'll forget top it  off...the girls forgot my it's my birthday.

I notice that Jane is looking sad,she's obviously home sick so then i'll just keep her distracted."Hey Jane what's wrong?' I asked.She rolled her eyes "You guys forgot it's my birthday!"she yelled while going into the limo.Crap, Julissa looked at me,her eyes widen."Good thing i order that cat for today"she whispered in my ear. I slid into the seat and closed the door. There was an awkward silence,then random music broke it "This is my new favorite song!"Julissa yelled while dancing in her seat.What the heck,I have nothing to loose.I danced like an insane person 2,after a minute Jane shrugged her shoulders and did the same."How about I play my favorite song?"Jane said with an evil smile"Uh no,not that dumb band One Dire-"Julissa and I were cut off by the song Kiss You.I Stopped dancing and just looked at Jane who was singing the song.The rest of the way we listened to One Direction.I'm only listening to them because the Birthday Girl want to.otherwise I'd rip her face off!

Finally we arrived to our new house,well more like a Mansion! we ran to the house and were left in amazement."Looks like they unpacked all our new furniture!"Jane yelled.*Ding Dong* I ran to the door,there was the limo driver and some guy from the pet store"Here's your kitten Ma'm." "Why thank you..Now go away"I said to the pet store guy.I  turned to the limo driver who was hanging me our bags. "Thank You!"I yelled.He sighed and left. I turned to Jane and yelled "Happy Birthday!!!" as i handed her a box with holes in it.She opened the box and saw the cutest kitten ever! "Oh My Gosh Thank you!"She Said in excitement then ran off to the couch.I walk to the girls and sighed.."I miss my AJ!" They gave me sad looks "Well I Miss Princess!"Jazmine yelled."Calm down,your dogs will be here tomorrow! Now Let's go see our rooms!"said Jane.

We ran to our room and saw they were already decorated.Julissa had a Hello Kitty Mural on her wall.Jazmine had Princess written across her wall.Then I had graffiti all over my room.My room had a balcony, we stepped out and saw a house not to far away.We all faced  each other & yelled"Let's Tepe that house!" I ran to my bathroom & got toilet paper & so did the girls."We strike at midnight."Jazmine ordered as if it was war.We had 3 hours before it was midnight so i unpacked my clothes and hung some of My One Direction posters in my room and the rest in my walk in closet.


I was wearing this: Julissa was wearing this: & Jazmine was wearing :

"Time To attack"Julissa whispered as we slowly walked towards the house.As we approached the house we heard someone yell "Hey what are you guys doing?" we froze hoping they wouldn't see us.When we tired to turn around it was too late  they were behind us."Excuse me,ladies?" I turned around to see Liam Payne & behind him the rest of the boys. "Yea?"Jazmine asked "What are you doing with toilet paper?" said Zayn."And on our property?"sassed Louis."In the middle of the night?"Harry said as he raise an eyebrow.Our excuse should be good."Well,we were looking for Jane's here's little kitten!"Julissa Exclaimed."You mean that one over there?"Niall said pointing at a kitten."I Don't know..Ruby ?Ruby!" I Yelled running after her I saw the girls running after her then the boys "Come Here Ruby!"I yelled as she was running away from me 'I'll get her"I heard Niall yell..How cute"You got her!"Jazmine yelled.I caught up to them & said "Thanks Niall,Liam,Zayn,Harry,&Louis" With a smile on my face,trying not to fan-girl."You know these sexy guys?!"Julissa said in shocked"Can you guys please tell them who you are? Unfotunetely  they don't bother to try to know who you guys are"I said"Sure"They Said.

"Hi I'm Louis"

"I'm Harry"

"I'm Niall "

"I'm Zayn"

"And I'm Liam"

"And We Are One Direction!"

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