The Hiking Trip

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Sarah and her best friend come up with a crazy idea to get back at a certain boy name Andrew. What's the idea? Let's just say it has unwanted consequences.

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



“I don’t know how to say this nicely but Andrew recently, I just found out you’re a loser and I can’t be seen dating you anymore.”

Andrew’s jaw dropped at his girlfriend’s words he had never expected sweet Jen to be so cruel. “How can you say that? We’ve been dating for one year and now you’re saying I’m a loser?”

“Yeah I’m kind of slow but whatever it’s over.” With that said the chubby brunette walked off into the woods ahead to join her fellow class members.

Andrew stood there dumbfounded. What was he to do? His girlfriend for a year who he thought he’d fallen in love with just dumped him right there and then. To make everything worse he was lost in the middle of the woods.

West Creek High School had decided to take the freshmen’s on a hiking trip to Sutter, California. Where the smallest mountain in America was located, Mount Sutter Buttes. To start climbing Mount Sutter you must first go through the woods leading the way, Andrew being stupid choses Jen to be his hiking buddy and giving her the map leading the way and a compass for direction. Now Jen left Andrew, taking the map and compass with her. Andrew had no idea where the trail to Mount Sutter Buttes was, so he was now lost in bear filled woods. Andrew was screwed.

His worst nightmare was coming true; Andrew heard a loud roar. Oh man a bear! He thought. Not knowing what to do he stands there frozen on the spot hoping the bear would go in a different direction. Andrew had no luck as the brown bear emerges from the trees and roared, running toward Andrew on his hind legs. Andrew zoomed away thanking the lord he was a fast runner. He might be fast but he was also clumsy tripping over a tree branch he fell on his face. The brown bear was soon standing over Andrew who was terrified, helpless and felt like he was about to pee.

“Okay that’s enough Sarah I think he’s pretty scared, he looks like his about to pee.” Lisette chuckled emerging from the trees. Andrew looked on, horrified and confused as the bear took of his head to reveal a laughing Sarah.

“Oh god that was funny your face was hilarious!!” Sarah said in between laughs, Lisette joined her now the two were uncontrollably laughing at Andrew. Andrew on the other hand was fuming in angry he scowled and got up.

“What the hell?!! You two are so damn mature.” Andrew said the last part in a pure sarcastic voice, walking off. Sarah just laughed even harder while Lisette ran over to him.

“Hey I’m sorry it was Sarah’s idea and I thought it be a funny joke, it’s only a joke Andrew calm down and anyway we have to get up Mount Sutter Buttes before sunset so we can catch up to the rest of the class, because something tells me Jen left you alone.”

“You’re so stupid you can’t even take a joke! No wonder Jen dumped your ass.” Sarah said her laughing decreased as she took off the rest of the bear suit.

Andrew glared at Sarah and asked. “Why do you hate me?”

“Because you’re an annoying asshole.” Sarah said with a straight face.

Andrew sighed and turned to the kinder of the two. “Well we should start heading out before a real bear gets us.” Lisette nodded taking out the map from her black backpack.

“No we should stay here and wait for a bear to eat you so I could videotape it and post it on YouTube.” Sarah grinned. “Don’t you agree Lisette?”

Lisette rolled her eyes. “No. Ignore her Andrew.” Andrew nodded and followed Lisette; Sarah frowned and followed as well, glaring daggers at the back of Andrew’s head.

Sarah threw the bear suit into the group of trees. “Why did you do that?” Lisette asked.

“I wasn’t about to carry that heavy bear suit around.”

“You carried it when we were getting up here.”

“Yeah but now that I scared the shit out of Andrew my job is done I don’t need that suit anymore.”

“So you just threw it in the middle of the woods?”

“Yeah.” Lisette frowned and didn’t say anything else.

The trio soon arrived in front of a small mountain, they started climbing, and the mountain wasn’t at all steep or high so it was an easy twenty minute climb for the three classmates. Reaching the top the three realize they were the only ones on the mountain. “Where are the rest?” Andrew questioned.

Sarah shrugged. “Don’t know, Mr. Allred told me when we find Andrew to meet up on top of the mountain.”

“Are you sure he said that? No one’s here though.” Lisette said looking around, on top the mountain was small you could see rather or not you were joined with other fellow hikers.

“Yeah he did, remember you were there when he told me.”

“No I wasn’t I was talking to Cristal when you told me you were going to speak with Mr. Allred.”

Sarah had a thoughtful look on her face. “Oh right, well I guess they left us then.”

“We should go back down.” Andrew said.

“I agree.” Lisette nodded her head.

“No we should at least enjoy the view up here, why leave so soon?” Sarah suggested walking to the peak of the mountain looking up at the sky and down at the ground, they were high up all right.

“I don’t know were kind of high one false move and we fall to our deaths.” Lisette said looking down seeing the tiny woods beneath her.

“Fine then start walking down me and Andrew are going to take in this amazing view. Right Andrew?”

Andrew seemed unsure. “I don’t know if I should trust you.” Andrew said eyeing her in questioned.

“I’m not going to push you down.” Sarah smiled trying to reassure him.

“Okay fine then.” Andrew went to stand next to Sarah. Lisette proceed to head down the mountain.

When Andrew stood next to Sarah she said. “You want to know something Andrew?”


“I hate you.”

Andrew scowled. “You said that already.”

“I know. Hey look at that!” Sarah pointed down. Andrew leaned a bit forward to see what she spoke of to only feel a strong force on his back sending him off the mountain peak and to fall 2130 feet to his death. Sarah smirked she been waiting to push that big head for ages now.

Hearing the scream Andrew howled Lisette ran up the mountain. “What happened? Where’s Andrew?”

“He fell.” Sarah said making sure she looked extremely shock of what happened. Sarah wasn’t about to tell Lisette that she pushed her crush off a mountain and killed him, that would be bad.

“Fell?!!” Lisette ran to the edge and peered down.

“Watch out you can fall!” Sarah exclaimed pulling Lisette away from the edge where there was a clear view of Andrew’s bloody dead body.

Lisette started to panic. “He’s dead? No he can’t be!! No!!!” Lisette eyes turned red. Was she about to cry, I mean he was an asshole to her, why cry for him Sarah thought seeing her friend in distress.

“Don’t you dare cry for that asshole he deserved to die, remember what he did to you? He lied to you and didn’t talk at all about the subject of your liking him!”

“So he didn’t deserve to die!” Lisette blinked away the tears threating to fall. “You pushed him off didn’t you?” It was more a statement then a question.

“Maybe.” Sarah said her face held no emotion. She was caught.

Lisette shook her head. “How could you?”

“You’re reacting like I killed the most perfect person alive!”

“No one’s perfect and no one deserve to die.” Lisette said her eyes holding sadness, she sighed. “Let me guess you’re going to say Andrew fell and that you didn’t push him. So you could get away from prison.”

“You know me so well buddy. You’re not going to say anything are you?” Sarah asked worried for a moment.

“No I won’t say a word.” Lisette’s voice and face held nothing but dread.

“Good so we should start heading down and tell Mr. Allred what happened.” Sarah climbed down step by step; Lisette still poker faced was next to her. “You’re not depressed are you? Andrew’s dead you should be happy.” Lisette just shrugged her shoulders in response. Reaching ground Lisette purposely avoided Andrew’s lifeless body and kept walking.

Unlike Sarah who stop to stare at her worst enemy dead. She grinned, the moment she met that big head she wanted to kill him off and now she has done it not one inch of regret fill her. Pushing Andrew of the cliff felt good to her like she was born to do it. Now she can die happy.

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