A suicidal though

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a suicidal poem that can be used for a letter

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



Why should I care if nobody else dare.

As the razor runs across my skin, i only hope that fate would've took another spin.

The blood drops on the floor as i feel the darkness in my core.

These intentions won't stop, the blood continues to drop.

Everything now changes and my thoughts and words start their exchanges.

The voices continue saying \"go go\" and the sounds outside are of a crow.

The rooms gets colder as I can feel someone touch my shoulder.

Could this be death, I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

I make another cut but this time my eyes stay shut.

The pain that was induced only gives me a boost.

This motion continues without a stop as I look down seeing that I have to mop.

Theres too much blood and it won't stop like a flood.

I now think of what I did, I wish somebody could've forbid.

But its too late now and this is something I must allow.

Theres no point in life so i might as well end it with a knife.

I'll say goodbye to the world as my fate is unfurled.

I'll slice my throat and leave this note.

My lights go black and for me theres no turning back.

My mother walks in the room only to see my doom.

A puddle of black and me lying on my back.

The crow starts to make sounds right before it comes to the ground.

My soul leaves as my death can be perceived.

The only person that can save me had left with no plea.

My soul falls back into despair only wishing to find some care.

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