Burning Inferno pt.1

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Its weird

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



Falling back into my sadness

being left alone with only madness.

As I sit inside the pit

I wish to only see an escape kit.

The darkness tends to heat

as if fire was there to greet.

Any unexpecting victim 

since the emotions had made there dictum.

The sight of flames begin to show

as if a crown was being bestow.

The fear being shown from the fire 

while the person sat there and admired.

The darkness within the person

could only tame the fire or make it worsen.

This madness that had no control

could only feel his dead soul.

The flames only moving to his whim

as the anger in his body was at brim.

The creature of flames could only awaken

as all else have left him forsaken.

He could only feel his pain

something that can't be taken not even by the rain.

 Nothing can save him, not even a lover

nothing can bring him back, not even to recover.

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