A True Lesson

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I originally wrote this for an assignment. Now I just love reading it over and over again. I feel other people can enjoy is as well.

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



Have you ever had the feeling, in the morning when you woke up that you were going to die that day? Stacie Mason had to feel like that every day of her life since she was fourteen years old.
Stacie Mason was born into an unbelievable life. She got everything she asked for. I guess you could say, that her family was rich, but you would be wrong by a long shot. You see, Stacie Mason didn’t ask for much. She was always afraid she would be taking something from her parents by asking them to buy things for her.
Sharon and David Mason loved their daughter and since that dreadful day, neither parent worked, for they didn’t want to miss even one very special moment in their truly unbelievable daughter’s life. David’s parents were blessed with a fair amount of money, so they paid for everything the Masons had because, they knew the only way to help with this life would be to support them financially. Sharon and David always knew that one day life as they knew it would change, and they wanted to know everything they could about their baby girl.
Stacie was very smart for her age. She was one of the smartest in her class. Everyone loved her too, for she was very popular. She wasn’t mean to anyone and always welcomed someone new to her life. She knew she had a perfect life, until that day when she found out something she had never thought could happen to her. 
“Stacie. Could you come here for a second?”
“Yeah, Mom, I’ll be there in a minute.”
It took Stacie a couple of minutes to get to the living room, because she had been so tired the past few days. Her grades were slipping a little, and her mom was very concerned.
“Stacie, are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.”
“Yes, I feel fine.”
“Well, your grades are concerning me. Have you been paying attention in your classes?”
“Mom, I’ve just been tired the past few days. I’ve probably got a cold or something. I’ll get over it.”
“Alright, well I have to run to the store. Could you wake up your father for me?  It’s already past ten, and I have told him to get up more than five times.”
Stacie went to wake up her father. He finally got up after she pounced on the bed like she did when she was seven years old.
“Hey, Kiddo.”
“You want to go watch a movie? I think Matilda is coming on.”
“You know what, I was about to ask you if you wanted to watch a movie. I could use a good show to wake me up this morning.”
Stacie and her dad watched their movie, and everything went fine the rest of the day. It was the next day noticeable things about Stacie came into clear view.
She was a lot paler than the day before, and her mother could see that plainly. Her mother took Stacie to the doctor to make sure that she was okay. The doctor said he would contact her later if he discovered anything major, that way Stacie could go to school.
When Stacie got home she found her mother and father sitting on the couch. Her mother was crying, and she could tell her dad wasn’t too far from the stage her mom was in.
“What’s wrong?”
“Come here sweetie,” said her mother, and she embraced her tightly, almost to the point to where she could not breathe.
The news struck her like a bolt of lightning. She was so devastated, she could barely get a breath out. Fourteen-year-old, Stacie Mason had cancer.
“The doctor said you can have chemo, but they want to run tests to see if there are any other options. He wants you to be at the hospital tomorrow,” explained her mother. Stacie took in all of this information very maturely. It was that night she burst out in tears of fear.
“Why does it have to be me? Why did it have to be cancer? This is horrible!”
Stacie decided to say a prayer.
“Dear God, I thank you for all you have done for me. I thank you for my parents my friends, and most of all, your love. I pray that you will help the doctors find an option, other than chemo, tomorrow.I pray that you will calm my fear, and that you will help me get better. I love you dear God, and I know you love me. That’s why I ask you for help. Thank you for everything. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
With that she found it hard to sleep, but she managed to close her eyes and drift away into her world of dreams.
The next morning, she found herself in a state of confusion. It all felt like a nightmare. She walked into the kitchen only to find her mom and dad sitting at the counter with melancholy looks on each of their faces. That day, Stacie was to move to the hospital for more tests, to see if she needed chemo therapy, or if she would be able to have surgery.
After the tests were done, Stacie’s doctor came out to talk to Stacie’s parents.
“Mr. and Mrs. Mason, I’m sorry to tell you, but chemo is Stacie’s only option.”
“Okay, thank you doctor,” said Stacie’s mom.
Stacie was so frightened by all of this, she could barely think about all of her friends at school and how disappointed they would be.
In the next few months that went by, Stacie’s friends often visited her. They told her things to cheer her up like, for instance, her friend Taylor Maurice said, “Stacie, you are the luckiest girl in the world. There is a huge algebra test tomorrow, and I’m going to have to study for three hours straight.”
None of them would get to stay very long at all, for each of them had to either go get homework done, or they had to get to a sporting event or practice.
Though Stacie knew she had a horrible disease, she couldn’t help feeling lucky. After thinking about it, she realized how wonderful her parents were, and how lucky she was to have such great friends. She gained so much from her experience. She even had more time to read her Bible, and pray for her family and friends.
She loved living. She appreciated everything she got, and everything she learned. She felt like the most loved child in the world.
She grew to the age of sixteen, and she still loved the people who cared about her, and who surrounded her with love. Stacie never really got to live a normal teenage girl’s life, like all other girls do. She lived in the hospital, and never even left her room. She was always reading something, and she even made a new friend. Her name was Mary, and she was also a cancer patient. The two girls grew to feel like they were sisters. One day, when Stacie was reading her Bible, her mom came in with the same melancholy face she had two years before, when she first found out Stacie had cancer.
“Stacie, Sweetie.”
“Yeah? Mom, what’s wrong?”
“Well, honey your friend, Mary…..”
“Mom, you can tell me.”
“Well, you see, she had a turn for the worst yesterday, and her parents had to move her to a life support machine-”
“Mom, she’s dead isn’t she?” Stacie said, tears filling her eyes.
“Yes. I’m so sorry honey.”
“Wonderful, as soon as I meet someone who understands the thoughts I have in my head, they die. Actually stop living.”
“Honey, just remember her. Okay? She was a very good friend, and we know where she is now.”
“Yeah, I guess your right. And now I know I will have someone to meet me when I go to Heaven.”
“Yes, and you will be able to talk to her, and you two will be friends again right under God’s right hand.”
That night Stacie said a prayer she was hoping Mary might hear.
“Mary, I don’t know if you can remember me. I’m not even sure you can hear this, but I miss you already. I can’t wait until I get to see you again in Heaven. My mom doesn’t know, but I’ve heard the doctor tell her that it is only a matter of months, before-” Stacie could feel the warm tears stream down her cheeks. “Well, you know. But I just wanted to tell you good night, and have a great life up there. I’ll see you soon. Amen.”
It’s crazy how fast a few months can go by. It can actually feel like days, but maybe that’s because, Stacie died in her sleep that night.
 The next morning her mom came in and found Stacie’s body lying in her hospital bed, lifeless. She fell down on her knees and started crying, and though, she told everyone she was crying because she didn’t get to say goodbye, she was really crying because, she was glad Stacie was finally going to a place free of pain and worry. She knew Stacie was watching her at that moment, and she really did feel Stacie’s touch when she buried her the next day.
Stacie’s parents went back to their simple lives. They even got back their old jobs. They now live in the same house, and tell anyone who will listen, about their daughter and the lessons they learned from her. Through Stacie’s story we can all learn so much. Life is short, and we should not take it for granted. We should really appreciate what we have, because someday we may lose it. Stacie taught me to thank God for what I have, and love everyone in my life. I realize how special life can be, and how much I have in my life right now. Take your time to think about what you have. You’ll be surprised at what you find out about yourself and others. It might even change your life.

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