Filled with so much self hatred

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This poem is inspired by 'Perfect' by pink.



I know a person called Kate.
Her mind corrupt, and filled with self-hate.
I tell her she’s amazing, she tells me that she’s not.
The hate has gotten so deep in,
that it’s started to decay and rot.

It always crosses my mind, how people it,
practically, tearing, shredding, battering,
their selves to bits.
Convincing themselves that they’ll fail anyway,
so it isn’t even worth fighting for.
Isn’t it just a tiring game,
the voices in their head driving them insane.
Telling them their not good enough,
and will never be.
Not thin enough, too fat. Very ugly.
To the people like Kate,
who are consumed by so much hate.
You aren’t like others. You are you.
Embrace yourself, like others do.
Change the voices in your head.
Make them like you instead,
because no-one can make it,
filled with so much hatred.






Submitted: October 29, 2012

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