Love; lives biggest enigma

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Why isn't love easy, and simple going? Why is it that even though people say you can't live without love, people will kill over it? Why is it, that even though people tell you that it's great, when someone you loves hurts you, compared to some one you hate,that it leaves you more shattered? Why is it so complicated?

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012




Love; lives biggest enigma

Sometimes I wonder if,
one day I’ll be happy ever after;

happiness and laughter.
Of just a massive disaster.

I used to think, it was sugar and spice,
but now I look twice,
I now have to realise,
that reality isn’t that nice.

I used to think it was my control,
falling, and choosing the one.
I thought that maybe it would be fun,
but really it’s a game.

You mess with my head,
 and I mess with yours,
and even though we know it,
avoiding feelings at all costs.

But it’s not easy at all,
it’s sometimes like a war
And it is like trying to control,
how life turns out.

It starts and then it goes,
like the way water flows.
Either with a great deal of happiness,
of grief and woes.

It’s like a bitter sweet deadly romance,
something all down to chance.
Any way I wonder sometimes,
why is love an enigma?

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