"A Mother's Love"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
"A Mother's Love" is about a she-wolf who comes home to find her young pup being captured by Man.....
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Submitted: July 19, 2008

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Submitted: July 19, 2008



A Mother’s Love

It’s quiet, oh so quiet,

The birds are still, the wind does not blow,
And somewhere,
There is a child, crying
It is cold, hungry, lonesome,
It cries out, but the silence deadens its cries,
Then, the mother comes back,
Her fur as white and as pure as snow,
Her muzzle strong, her eyes proud and fierce,
She runs to her child,

Nestles it in her warm fur, licks it clean till its fur shines as like a sunbeam on fresh snow,

she’s feeds it, and sings it to sleep.
"Rest and be easy,
your journey has yet to start,
and while im gone,
dream of good things tonight,
awoo, awooo,awoowooooo,
awoo, awoo,awooooooooo,"
The child’s eyes slowly sink,
the mother tucks it in,
She then goes and runs into the forest,
hunting, and makes a kill,
she eats and eats,
the warm meat filling her entire soul,
she buries the meat and continues on,
to a lake to wash the blood from her muzzle,
but as soon as she’s done, the birds take to the skies,
cawing fearfully,

Their is a loud BANG and five of the birds fall to their deaths,

the mother is scared,
not for herself,
but for the young life she must protect.
quietly, she slips into the cold water,
and lets the current take her downstream,

she swims over to a sandbank, and licks herself dry and clean.

She runs through the forest,
she knows its twists and turns well,

and then she skids to a halt when she comes face-to-face with

The Man is tall, his shining-stick in his arms,
his face is expressionless,
his eyes cold and hard,

He raises the gun and pulls the trigger,

but is not rewarded with a snarl of pain,
As the mother dodged to the right,
and jumped at the man in rage,
She slams Him down on the ground,
Her weight makes it hard for Him to breathe,
She snarls in His face, her fangs dripping with hate,
and sinks her teeth into His throat.

The Man dies without a sound, his life sealed up tight,

the she-wolf howls her victory,
and runs out of sight,
she runs and runs and runs, never stopping, never pausing,

she runs all the way to her home, to her little son that waits for her,

and she snarls in horror at what she sees,
three of The Men have surrounded her home,
trying to pull out her only child,
Their dogs crowd around them, then, they see her,

with a growl, one of the dogs breaks away from his Master and races towards her, the other soon follow.

She stands her ground, her head lowered to protect her throat, and charges at them,

She hits them head-on,
One dog goes flying through the air, howling in surprise J

the two dogs leap on her, but she breaks one of their backs with ease

That’s all it took,
the dead dog lay still,
one of hunters took aim at her,
she grabbed the other dog, swung him around by the neck,
and the hunter fired,
Came a reply,
but not from the wolf, oh no,

for she had protected herself, and the dog lay dead in the snow.

The other dog, which had been flung through the air, :)

got up and bounded towards her, she tripped him and down he went again,

she slashed his shoulder to the bone; he screamed in agony and ran,

she ran towards The Man, dodging bullets,

Terrified, the other Men shot blindly, one bullet nearly founds it mark,

The she-wolf leaped through the air, and landed on one of The Mans chest,

He screamed, she snarled,

and killed him with a swipe of her paw, she looked up at the other two Men and snarled a snarl of hate,

"Leave from this place, fools" she said,
"Or you will suffer this Mans fate."
The remaining Men left, tripping and stumbling along,
The she-wolf ran to her home,
she peered inside,
and her worry as pushed aside,
when she saw her young pup, alive.

Scooping him up, she soothed his whimperings with licks and hugs,

and feed him till he was stuffed,

then she curled up gently with him, and slept the sleep of love.

And that, my friends, is

A Mothers Love

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