"Dream of Dream's"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Name: "Dream of Dream's"
About: a poem i wrote like.... two seconds ago,lol. hope you like it!!!

Submitted: July 19, 2008

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Submitted: July 19, 2008



I’m sitting on a fallen rock in the middle of a forest,


It’s quiet; the fall leaves twist and turn in the warm wind,


As they blow against my hazel fur, they whisper a tiny, yet soothing song.


Then, silence. The wind starts to hum in my ears, slowly at first, and then picks up tempo,


A wild and exotic song pounds into my head, like wild techno music at a worked-up club.


I drink it up; it fills my entire being, my entire soul.




Then, the leaves join in; their quiet little melody becomes a soft, deadly tinkling sound, like a shattered diamond falling into the sea, forever.


I breathe deep, flexing my claws, pricking my ears to the beat.


Then, I hear the river join in, it sounds beautiful, like an angel’s wing has just stroked it’s calm, smooth top. I can feel the warm water lapping at my fur, I lay down on the ground and let the music take me away.


Everything around me pushes into the song,


The trees, the birds, the tiny rumbles in the earth, all combine into one, unbreakable beat.


I rap my claws to the beat on the earth below, when I do, I can feel the thumps push into the song,




The music grows louder; I stand up, howling with the music,


It gets faster; I began to move with it.


It takes me to another world; my body is burning up,


Burning to the music, burning, burning.


Then, the world begins to spin,


I shudder in delight,


The music is so loud, it rocks my whole being, I can’t even sit down.


It pulls me back and forth, rocks me side to side,


My paws hurt, but the music keeps me alive.


I howl to the sky, laughing in joy,


Then, the music stops, its sounds fill me no more.


I collapse to the ground; my body is covered in sweat,


My tongue lolls out of my mouth; I gasp the sweet air.


Then, I snuggle into the warm leaves,


The woods around me are still,


My body aches with the music, I try to hold on to it, but it tells me to let go.


The music is gone know, but not for long, oh no.


It always comes back, just wait and see,


But for now,


Let’s sleep, and dream of dreams.


The End.



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