this is about my Friend Jake, thats all i really have to say


cant really describe how i feel about him.

Some days i love him. Some days i dont.

Some days i wonder, what if?

What if i would have went out with him?

what if i would have said yes? gone to the movie? actually talked to him?

1 more thing ill never get over.

I would have gone out with him, and when Michael asked me i could have saved all this hurt and sorrow. All the tears wasted on a stupid boy.

how can i hurt him so badly? so easily? Almost effortlessly.

and the sad part is, it dosent bug me at all, not 1 bit. almost like it never happend, like he has no feelings.

haha but i love him.thats my problem.

without him i wouldnt be complete.

when i talk to him, his face lights up, and he gets this smile that nobody else can give him. it makes me feel whole, and happy.

Like im loved. Truly, and easily. Effortlessly.

when i talk to him im Happy. i talk about it to my friends. i say things i dont mean.

and he gets hurt.

and i dont care. such sadness. such a bitch.

i am.

dont care how he feels. dont care how i affect him.

but thats just me.

Love like woe- the song that reminds him of me.

ill nino- a song his friend had him listen to

GIVE ME COFFEE- a signature on his phone that he deleted because he got teased for it.

Such assholes.

Submitted: December 27, 2010

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