Its threw my past to know and how is changed.... ANd how I feel now

Before, me and my parents would eat at a table

mama in the kitchen dad at work

Now i'm alone, I'm at a store buying chips,

parents working day and night

Back them moma dad loved each other

and I loved them

Now, My parents hate each other

And i hate them

Back then I was happy to live

Tv perfect life

Now, I'd wish I could end it

A hell of a life

Then, I would sing and prance bout my day

Life it was a happy land

Now, a knife is to my throat

And I say goodbye


No I can't lie

My life means nothing

It never did

To anybody

So now and then can die

Red soaked blood in my eyes

As my last breathe passes me bye

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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