Death to my love and to me

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Its about two ppl who meet online

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



(Miku's chat box)  (Sudo) (Known 3 months)


Sudo: Hi Miku, nice to talk to you again!!

Miku: Hi, how are you???

Sudo: Fine.

Miku: Oh, cool

Sudo: :D So, how are you?

Miku: Trubled :(

Sudo: Why DDDDD:

Miku: Me and my boyfriend, Tuko are fighting again

Sudo: Again ???

Miku: Ya, We fight alot

Sudo: Honey, if you fight alot why bother dating him??

Miku: Cause he's all I got :(

Sudo: You got me honey

Miku: Ya, your right but your just my friend you've been my friend for 3 months

Sudo: We can be more

Miku: Haha really now

Sudo: Ya, sure I like you


(Off computer) (Grabs phone)

Tuko: Hey you here to say sorry!

Miku: No Tuko I'm calling to end it with you!

Tuko: Really now, who you going to run to Sudo

Miku: How do you know bout him? You gone threw my computer too I bet! You A**hole go to hell

(Shuts phone) (Tillia her sister comes in)

Tillia: You ended it with Tuko huh?

Miku: Gladfully

(Computer bleeps) (Miku rushes to it)

(Miku chat box) (Sudo) (Known 3 months)


Sudo: Hey guess what haha your such a dumb*** who do you think this is!


Sudo: Duh, you stupid b*tch its Tuko

Miku: What the F*ck you been Sudo this whole time

Sudo: Duh, your so f*cking stupid. You think there was ever going to be anyone who liked you!  All you are is a stupid B*tch

(miku starts to cry) (She shuts down the computer)

Tillia: I'm so sorry Miku

Miku: Shut the F*ck up Tillia!

(Miku runs to bathroom) (Miku takes out razor and slices her arm) (Tillia walks in)

Tillia: What the hell are you doing!!!

(Tillia tries taking razor away)

Miku: NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

(Miku palms Tillia in the face) (Tillia falls down)

Tillia: Don't cut agian please Miku please


(Week later) (Tillia and the family is gone) (Miku is home)

(Miku chatbox) (Tuko) (Known 5 years)

Tuko: Honey you on

Tuko: Hey answer me

Tuko: Miku

Tuko: miiikuuuu

(Tuko runs to Mikus house) (Tuko runs to Miku's room) (Tuko finds a gun on the table)

(Tuko runs to the bathroom) (Tuko find Miku hung from a rope)

Tuko: Oh my god!

(Week later)

Cop: So tell me agian you were cyber bulling her online too....

Tuko: Yes......

Cop: And she killed herself a week later

Tuko: Yes

Cop: And you hacked Sudo Macima's computer and sent this after your fight

Tuko: Yes

Cop: So him wanting to be with her is true

Tuko: yes

Cop: I dispise people like you

Tuko: I didn't think she'd kill her self (Tuko is crying and wiping tears on his sleeve)

Cop:Well she did and that is what counts! We will be seeing you in court a month from today

(Week later)

(Tukos house)

Tuko's mother: Honey


(Mother goes to Tukos room) ( A letter lays on his bed) (Mother reads it)

 Dear whoever gets this,


I am deeply sorry I killed Miku. I honestly loved her. And to know she killed herself of me, and for me to find her, is killing me. So now I feel as if she wants me to die to. And I respect that, and the least I can do is give her this one thing, Mom, Dad, Miku.... I love you guys... I'm sorry please forgive me.... Goodbye


Sincierly Tuko Mishumi


(Mother calls cops)


(Cops find body above Miku's grave hung by a Willow tree. Blood trinkled from his eyes like he was crying blood)




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