FOOD-Chapter 1

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This is all gonna be about food.

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



Food everyone eats and most people enjoy. Today i will talk about some tasty treats that people all over America love. We all love different types but there is one that runs them all.

Chocolate. 9 out of 10 people like chocolate and the tenth perso nis lying. There are milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. We use all these types of chocolate to make different types of candy bars. I mean like who doesn't like chocolate......maybe its someone who doesn't have taste....but then again they would still like chocolate.....if you can think of someone who does please comment on this story.

Carmel. Carmel is used in alot of types of candy and candy bars even some drinks and in some protien bars. I will tell you guys a short my band evryone wants a carmel bar.....I know wierd right....well I am about to start some research on that and see why carmel seems to be there favorite desert when it comes to band. But it just maybe because it is something to suck on.

Candy. Everyone has a favorite candy.....mine is Reeses. What is yours? Well you can comment on this and tell me cause I want to know. My sister's is Toffee Taffy. My friend's is Butterfinger. My dad's is Payday. My mom's is Heath Bars or Hershey Bars. Mmmmm. No matter what it is its delicous. So can you please type your favorite candy.

And I am so sorry but that is all for today. See ya soon. :))))

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