Prove youself

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This poem is about our education system, but it might interpreted differently.

Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Submitted: May 22, 2015



They said:

Prove yourself!

That you are one of the best,

Forget about your dreams

And adapt to the rest!


Here is what I think about this:

Why do I need it?

What if I want to do this,

But you give me that?

I’ll just ask you one question instead.

Do you even care about what I want

And what I will become?


I looked at their blank faces

And I saw apathy.

They smiled at me and said:

“Of course we do!

Take your seat,

And we’ll guide you through!”

But I already knew the answer,

And I knew that they are gonna lie.

They will lie to me,

And they will lie to every single one

Who will be wondering like me.


So I decided to pretend to be one of them,

So they think I’m “normal”.

According to the “right ones”,

I’m not normal.

‘cause my dreams don’t match

With dreams of others.


Well… I can live with that…


I know some people,

That do what they want,

But in the eyes of the rest,

They are seen as losers,

Or, saying kindly,

Not the best

- To put it mildly


Lately, I asked myself:

Do I need to pretend any longer?

How about I just go against the system,

And try following my dreams,

Not their dreams.


So, brace yourselves!

And fight your fears!

Raze your limits,

And praise your dears!

Although they can’t stand along,

When you sing your life,

And live your song,


Even if you are standing alone,

And there is no one waiting you home,

Or thinking you are a marble dome.


Just fight your fears,

And praise your dears.

© Copyright 2020 Ilya G. All rights reserved.

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