a noise outside

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just a short story from school. a girl is trying to find the sourse of a noise

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



A Noise Outside

When it had started I had just finished brushing my teeth. At first it was just a rustle like leaves. But a few slow moments passed it got louder. It sounded like deep throated giggles. Practically begging myself to believe it was a bunch of kids. Slightly out of a annoyance but more out of fear I knocked on the wall. That did nothing to help. I knew I had to go outside. Walking into the bedroom I slid into a pair of flip flops. I pulled my suit case out from underneath the bed, rummaging around until I grasped a flash light. It was no bigger than a pen and I regretted not bringing another, better one.

 I walked to the front door, my hands shaking as I drew back the dead bolt. As it clicked out of place I thought to myself was it that silly to dead bolt the door? Stepping outside I felt a rush of smoldering heat blow against me. The porch light didn’t work, I couldn’t see farther than about a foot in front of me. I turned on my flashlight, the small white beam strained to touch the ground. I went slowly down the porch steps and began walking to the side of where the noise was coming from. I stumbled constantly nearly tripping twice.

The “children” as I called it seemed to have gotten in a scuffle. The closer I got the louder it got there was no way that was a group of kids. It had to be like a bear or something. Finally I turned the corner stopping, straining my ears to hear a sound other than my heart pounding an uneven rhythm in my ears. An owl hooted and I jumped almost screaming. At that time I say something moving. I couldn’t tell what it was just a shape. A black shape, a mere out line against the darkness. It took every ounce of my energy to break the silence and yell out who’s there? 

The shapes they had stopped. The mixture of the heat and my anxiety caused me to break into a sweat. Waves of hot and cold one after another flooded over me. Then a louder noise, the snapping of a twig broke the uneasy silence. The shapes were moving, running into the surrounding pine forest. Every fiber of my body told me to go inside lock the door and wait for morning, but my brain thought differently.

My mind swimming with doubt made me go right into the forest. I was scrambling, running right into a pitch black forest. Heart pounding chest heaving , my breath coming broken and jagged. My feet became sticky and wet as the pine needles stuck into my feet.  I continued on anyways desperately trying to keep up. The deeper I went into the forest the darker it became, my flashlight didn’t help so I turned it off.

 I began to panic as the darkness pressed against me from all sides, choking me suffocating me. The odd shapes all around me moving with the wind as it picked up. A loud rustling noise hopefully leaves, was becoming more and more relevant. My head spun with images of every horror movie I’d ever watched, the shinys, nightmare on Elm Street, even jaws.

A hand grabbed my shoulder. A noise high pitched and shrill foreign came from nowhere. I knew it was my own though. I closed my mouth choking the last of it down. I ran faster than before my breath burning my lungs the tightness in my chest was just too much but I kept on relentlessly.  Without watching I ran straight into a tree. Hand clawing at me, scratching at my face and arms. It suddenly hit me, it wasn’t hands but branches. I started laughing but then again the noise came.

 I slowly backed away from the tree. Falling on my face over a pit. Not a large one but just big enough to be a nuisance. I could feel movement, the ground seamed to vibrate. I turned on my back and fumbled with my light.

It flickered on and I peered into the pit. Three sets of eyes glowed back. My eyes adjusted and I saw they were cats. A mom and her kittens who quickly went back to an animal version of wrestling, I heard the noise again realizing I had found the source of my trouble. I laughed as I began to walk back o my cabin shaking my head in disbelieve.

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