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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a childrens story about two bet friends who get trapped in library

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



“Come on sunny!” shouts Ely. “You chicken, let’s sneak into Miss. Oreos house.” (Miss Wilders a large lady who likes Oreos hints the nickname.) “If I go any where it’s to the library.” Explains Sunny “Is the creepy army guy working today?” asked Ely. “Jeff’s not a creep, he’s a marine-” “creep!”

“Is not.”  “Is to.” “Will he ever learn?” Sunny asked herself.


Sunny stays at the library for 2 hours Ely came with her. (He spends 5 minutes then leaves.) Sunny sat down with a Langer’s novel (her favorite author) Time was lost. Ely came to get her by the time they cleaned up it was 9:30.the library was locked while they were cleaning up.


 They head to the front doors. Bang bang! “Why won’t the doors open?” Asked Sunny. “Let me try” Ely boasts.  Bang bang! “Oh we’re locked in!” Wines Sunny “What!” Ely inquires.  “At 9:30 the doors are locked so Jeff can put up the books.” “Creep!”  Sunny ignores this. “Let’s try the back door.” “Ok.” Bang! “It’s locked to, oh what will we do!” Ely starts to worry “We’ll find Jeff. Let’s see, were does he usually work at this hour?” (Sunny is talking to herself)  “I know let’s try the adults section.” Sunny decides


 “If we go there we will get in trouble.”(Sunny thinks since when do you care about that.)  “Not if we explain what happened.” “Oh ok. The library is kind of creepy when it’s dark.” “Ely are you scared of a library?” “No, it’s just dark and quiet here. Come on I want to get home.”  Ely and sunny walk through the kid section, the mystery, and the reference before they finally get to the adults section. “Why is the library big?” asked Ely. “Because there are a lot of books here.” Smart mouths Sunny.  “Like… enough for ten books to be stolen and not need replacements!?”  “Not GET replacements those books are rare.”  


Ely has an odd but devilish expression on his face. “What are you thinking of!?” “I bet you, Jeff stolen those old books at night!” Ely shouts.  “Hello children!” GASP! “Librarian Jeff, Hi we got locked in here while we were cleaning up.  Could you please unlock the doors for us?” “Of course I COULD child.” 


Suddenly Ely realizes that one of the books that was stolen was in his hand. “Sunny look!” huu! “That’s one of the missing books.” says Sunny “I know it is that’s why I can’t let you out, you already know too much.” Explains Jeff.“What do you mean?” Asks Ely. “I heard what you said and your right I am stealing those books.  They’re worth so much I could become rich; I wouldn’t have to live in this crummy town any more.  It took so long to gain that old ladies trust to lock up at night, Find a way to get past the camera. You don’t know how long that took and I’m just 5 hours from being free of this junkie old town, you won’t just take that all away from me.”


 Sunny stutters“Nnno sir we won’t.”  “How can I trust the two biggest trouble makers in this town to not let anything slip out?  I will have to lock you up in till I can find a way to dispose of you properly.”


  Gulp!  “Sunny run!” “Oh no you won’t!” Shouts Jeff “Run faster Ely he’s gaining on us.  I can’t it’s a dead end.”  “You moron turn left.  Run to the end of the isle then turn right I think the janitor’s closet has a door to get out side.” Advises Sunny.  “Come back here you little brats!” Shouts Jeff.


“Turning right, now we’re safe, or not.”  Sunny states the obvious.  “Well you don’t know the whole library.”  Ely smart mouths.  “There isn’t time to argue.” Explains sunny. “I can see him.” Shouts Ely “Shut up!”  “OW!” Sunny hit Ely.  “Shut up! Um… go left, behind the computer tables.”  “Where are we at?” Asks Ely.  “The north side of the library. You see that closed door?” points out Sunny.  “Yes.”  “We need to get to that door.  Now go! Turn here, no, go left, straight he sees us! Go faster than.” “I’m going as fast as I can!” shouts Ely “Stop! Push the books back.”  “This is definitely not time to straighten book shelves Sunny.” “No! They’ll fall in front of Jeff he’ll have to go another way. That’ll give us more time.”


Push! Thud! “You little brats get back here!” shouts Jeff “Keep running!” “I planned on it.”  “Ahhh!”  “Sunny!”  “I tripped on one of those books.”  “Quick can you get up?” “I don’t know.”  “I’ll help you.”  “Oww  ooowww! I sprained it.”  “Ha-ha I got you now you little brats!”  Jeff ties up Ely and Sunny.  Then locks them in a closet. 


They could see some early morning light.  “Man for a marine he shore is stupid!  Your right this rooms got a window.”  “Can we get out of these ropes?”  “My handy scout knife!  We can cut our way out.  I’m free!” “Good know get me out of this!  Thanks Ely you saved me.”  Now we just have to get out that window.


 “YOW! You’ll have to go and get help, but first find a cop.  Tell him to get Jeff before he leaves!”  “I’ll be back soon Sunny.” “Just hurry!”


 Jeff was actually coming to get them. Where is that boy!“Ely went out the window and is getting a cop.”  “You twerp!  Yow!” Jeff slapped Sunny and started to drag her away.  “I’ll have to move fast if I’m gonna get away!” 


Ely ran faster than he ever had before.  Soon a cop saw Ely.  “Hey aren’t you up a bit early?” says the cop.  “Officer, Jeff the librarian he stole those books he’s also got my friend Sunny”.  “You mean Jeff the ex-marine?” “Yes!”  “I always thought he looked kinda fishy.” “Sunny’s foot is also sprained she can’t walk.”  “I’ll send for an ambulance.” 


Sunny was being dragged to Jeff’s old car.  He locked the door and started driving away.  Lucky for Sunny all cops had been informed and were on the lookout. “Drat’s that brat called the cops.”  “You’ll never get away with this Jeff!”  “Shut up!”


 “That’s his car get him!”  “Hold on Ely We’ll get him for sure!”  With sirens blazing the officer sped up to arrest Jeff.  But he wasn’t giving up so quickly.


 “Pesky cops you won’t get me!”  “They will too!”  “Shut up twerp!”


Ely sees Sunny in the back and gets really excited. The cop was worried that Jeff wouldn’t stop so he called the dispatcher.  The dispatcher called another cop car and sent them out to place a nail strip up a head so they could safely get sunny.


Jeff noticed that the cop turned off his lights he knew that something was fishy. But he kept on going.


It just so happened that another cop car had set a nail strip about half a mile away and the car with Ely in it was just leading Jeff to it.  Ely was confused and thought that they were just giving up.  Ely started yelling at the cop.  The cop had to explain to Ely that it was dangerous and they had set up a nail strip and they were leading Jeff to it.


Sunny was watching Ely and she too thought that they were giving up.  She was getting worried and scared but she still had a faint hope because she saw Ely yelling at the cop. Then she realized that there was a plan.


Jeff was getting close to the strip. POP! The tires blew out.  D***! They set up a nail strip! I should have known.


The cop’s sirens started up again. They had finally caught Jeff after a long high speed chase. Jeff was placed in hand cuffs and the cops sent for an ambulance for sunny. Five minutes later Ely’s and sunny’s parents were there Sunny’s foot would be okay.


 When the cops left Jeff to talk some more with the parents, he made a run for it. The cops followed him for some time but finally gave up a came back.


When Ely and Sunny got home they were like stars.  They were interviewed and put in the newspaper but after a few weeks everything was back to normal.  The books had been found and put back.  Sunny’s foot healed, Ely got in some trouble with some cats and guess what...



Some sheriff had finally caught Jeff. He had to go to jail and pay a large fine.  So I guess this is the happy ending at least for Sunny and Ely, not so much for Jeff though.

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