my disbelief in god

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this is why i dont believe in god. im not posting this so people will leave comments saying how god causes problems for a purpess ad stuff like that just read it please
read at your own risk

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



before you read this if you are sensitive about your religion dont read this, some people may take offence to it if its red in the wrong way. you read it and find it offensive it was at your own risk, i warned you so dont leave nasty posts about it it was you who chose to read it.

secondly anyone who reads this with an open mind i thank you.

thirdly please keep in mind ive seen 4 suicides one was an 11 year old i watched my family almost die from starvation along with many of my friends and the familes around us. i used to go to church but i no longer go and my boyfriend is christian i have multiple catholic friends and several who are jewish aswell. i actually respect all religions i just cant believe in them anymore. and this is why


do people choose their destiny or is it written for them? are some people's lives really planned to be so painful and terrible that they can bariely stand it? who would creat a world were some people will always be pushed to the brink and beyond it? who could ever be that sick and twisted? who woould create a world where some people are destine to take thier own life or to starve to death even when they did nothing wrong? this is why i dont believe in god. who could worship a man so destine to push anyone he pleases to the brink and over it? people worship god because they want to believe theres a place after this life, as sweet as their dreams. praying fevorishly in fear that the world will end and they need to earn a place in thier own dream world.

no. a person is a person. there is nothing greater than our life. no greater being above. religion is ment to fill the void the some people have, to understand the point of life. but there is no point, in 4 billion years or so we will no longer exsist as if we were never here. religion is created for those who so desperatl want an excape from the truth, a lie big enough to cover such a simple phrase.

vivian dawn.

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