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Submitted: October 16, 2010



Angel stood by her mommy and daddy. She looked around and noticed that there was alot of men and women dressed just like her daddy, in camouflage. Daddy was on his way to Iraq. Daddy had showed Angel Iraq on her globe in her room, it was far far away from Texas. When Angel had asked her daddy why he had to go, he smiled and told her it was to serve his country. Angel didn't understand why he couldn't serve his country at home.

Angel looked up at her daddy who looked proud to be there. All the men and women looked proud. Somehow that made Angel feel proud too. She looked at her mommy and noticed tears in her eyes. Mommy didn't want daddy to leave either. Angel felt tears spring to her eyes. Suddenly Angel was scared. Who would pick her up and fly her like an airplane to her bed at night? Who would give her butterfly kisses on her cheeks? Mommy would still be around, but this was what Angel and her daddy did together. Mommy was her story teller and her cooking buddy.

Angel looked over at a little boy who was sobbing loudly. His mommy was going away. "Mommy!" The little boy wailed.

His mommy bent down and made eye contact. She whispered in the little boy's ear which made him giggle. "I love you," She said.

Angel tugged on her daddy's pants leg. Daddy bent down and pulled her into his arms. "Don't go,"Angel begged.

"Angel Girl daddy has to go," he smiled. I'm going to miss you so much. Let me tell you a secret," he whispered. "You can't tell no one,promise?"

Angel quickly shook her head.

Each evening when the first star comes out in the sky look at it and I will do the same where I'm at. Each time we look at the star make a wish and think about me, and I'll think about you my little Angel girl," said daddy."We can even say the nursery rhyme Star Light Star Bright. Do you know that one?"

Angel shook her head once again.

"Let's say it together."

Star Light Star Bright

First Star I See Tonight.

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Have This Wish I Wish Tonight.

Daddy gave Angel one last hug and kiss before he left. Angel began to cry. She already missed her daddy. Mommy and Angel watched as the big buses pulled away. Angel waved until she couldn't see her daddy any more.

"Let's go home, Angel," said mommy.

"How long will daddy be gone?" Asked Angel as she got in the car.

"Six months," said mommy. "Daddy will be home just in time for Christmas," mommy added.

"Daddy want be home for my birthday?" Angel asked as her bottom lip quivered.

"I'm sorry, but he'll miss this birthday."

That evening Angel stood at her window and looked out at the sky. At first she didn't see the star but then it magically appeared. Angel smiled and closed her eyes tightly and thought about her daddy. She knew what she was going to wish for, that her daddy would make it home for her fifth birthday. She opened her eyes and repeated the nursery rhyme.

"Ready for bed," Asked mommy.

Angel sadly shook her head. Mommy took her into her arms and hugged her tightly. Angel laid her head on her beauty and the beast pillow. She brought her blanket up close to her. She might be to old for a security blanket, but she didn't care. Mommy sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her head. Angel closed her eyes.

"What story would you like to hear tonight?"

Angel opened her eyes and thought for a minute. "Tell me a story about daddy," she smiled.

Mommy smiled back. "When your daddy was alittle boy around your age he liked to go fishing all the time. Most of the time he would catch alot of fish for his mommy to cook for supper. His daddy would go with him sometimes and they would stay gone all day. One time your daddy fell in and scared all the fish away."

That made Angel giggle with delight.

"Did daddy have a nick name?" Asked Angel.

"Yes, his daddy called him Teddy Bear," said mommy.

That made Angel giggle again. "Daddy's name is Teddy, right?" Angel asked.

"Yes, that's why grandpa called him Teddy Bear."

Angel let out a huge yawn and closed her eyes. She couldn't wait for daddy to get home for her birthday.

"Wake up sleepy head," Angel's mommy whispered.

Angel opened her eyes as her mommy threw back her covers. It was time for her to get ready for daycare. Angel didn't want to get up. She pulled the covers back over her head. Her mommy began to tickle her until she jumped out of the bed.

"Mommy, can't I stay home today?"

"Mommy has to go to work."

That day at pre-school Angel told all her friends and even her teacher about her daddy going to Iraq. Angel couldn't wait to get home so evening would come and she could see the first star again, her and her daddy's star.

That evening she looked out her bed room window at the sky, but the star did not come out that night. Angel began to cry.

"What's the matter my little Angel?" Asked mommy as she came into the room.

"The star is not out there," Angel wailed.

Mommy pulled the curtain back to get a better look. The sky was cloudy and dark, rain was falling. "Oh it's still out there," said Angel's mommy.

Angel pressed her little nose to the window. She still didn't see it. "Where?" She sobbed.

"It's hiding behind the clouds," mommy explained.

Angel closed her eyes and made her wish. She didn't tell mommy what she wished for though. Angel wanted this wish to come true. "I miss daddy," she whispered.

"I do to, but he'll be home soon."

"For my birthday!" Angel said excitingly.

"Oh honey I'm afraid not that soon," mommy said soothingly.

Angel rolled onto her side and went to sleep. She knew her daddy would be home for her birthday. Mommy just didn't know about the special star.

Each evening Angel would watch for the first star. Her wish never changed. Her Birthday was the next day. Angel's mommy had a party all planned, but all Angel wanted was her daddy to come home. Daddy had been gone for five months. Mommy and Angel marked off each day on the calendar. Angel was excited that her daddy would be home soon.

That evening as she made her wish known to the star she added an extra pretty please with sugar on top. Angel decided to say the nursery rhyme aloud this time.

Star Light Star Bright

First Star I See Tonight.

I wish I May I Wish I Might

Have This Wish I Wish Tonight.

The next morning Angel dressed in her favorite yellow flowered dress, it was her daddy's favorite too. Mommy had made her favorite chocolate cake and put five candles on. All of Angel's friends came to the party. Angel stood in front of her cake as mommy lite the candles. Angel wondered why her daddy wasn't home yet.

"Blow out the candles and make a wish," said mommy.

Angle closed her eyes to make her wish. Just as she blew out the candles daddy walked in.

"Happy birthday Angel Girl."

"Daddy!" Shouted Angel as she ran into his arms.

"I love you Angel Girl."

"I love you too daddy."

Angel was so happy that the star had granted her wish.

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